2023-24 Dates and Deadlines for Submissions

Due Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Form/Application
2023-09-15New Faculty Mentoring Information due from departments to Deans Office
2023-09-22New Faculty Mentoring Information due from Deans Office to Provost
2023-09-08FTG due to Departments
2023-09-15FTG due to College
2023-10-13FTG’s due to University
2024-01-05FTG’s due to Departments
2024-01-12FTG’s due to College
2024-01-26FTG’s due to University
2024-02-23FTGs due to Departments
2024-03-08FTG’s due to College
2024-04-05FTG’s due to University
2023-09-01FPDA’s due to College
2023-09-08FPDA Final Reports due to College
2023-09-15FPDA Final Reports to Provost
2023-09-15FPDA’s due to Provost
2023-10-31Term Faculty Workshop
2023-10-13Fall Student Marshal due to College
2023-10-27P&T dossiers due to college
2024-01-05Last date for compiled update CV document for Dean Review
2024-01-11P&T dossiers due to Provost
2024-01-31COIC disclosures due for all faculty and staff
2024-02-09Term faculty promotion material due to College
2024-03-01Term faculty promotion material due to Provost
2024-03-05Promotion and Tenure Workshop
2023-12-15University Awards due to College
2024-02-09University Awards due to Provost
2024-04-01College of Engineering Awards due to College
2024-02-16Dean’s Student Leadership due to College
2024-03-22Post-Tenure review documents due to College
2024-04-01Post-Tenure review documents due to Provost
2024-03-01Spring Student Marshal due to College
2024-04-05Preliminary (3rd year) review material due to College
2024-05-01Preliminary (3rd year) review material due to Provost
2024-04-12FISIP requests due to College
2024-05-10FISIP requests due to Provost
2023-12-01Annual Performance Evaluation for Faculty completed in workday