Who Can Answer My Questions?

General questions about the honors program – The University Honors Program staff and the honors committee representative in your department can provide general information about the honors program procedures and policies.  The liaison in Engineering Undergraduate Programs can answer questions regarding the process.

Requirements for membership – The University Honors program has general requirements. We recommend that you talk to the honors advisor or academic advisor for your curriculum to discuss the particular requirements for your curriculum.  Read the ‘Membership Requirements’ link to the left.

What are the advantages for membership – Talk to the honors representative in your curriculum to understand how the modifications of the required curriculum through an approved Program of Study would be an advantage for your educational goals. The university honors program lists the privileges that you would get as a full member of the honors program. Also talk to the Honors Program staff about other advantages, such as the social aspects and access to some internship and job opportunities.

How to start preparing a Program of Study – This process should begin by reviewing the POS requirements and reflecting on your own academic and career goals and how honors can support those.  You should also meet with your academic advisor to see how your curriculum might be tailored to reflect honors character.  Talk to the honors representative in your program if you would like to chat about your educational and career goals with somebody who understands your major.

How to select courses to include in the full membership application – Many of the same people who helped you develop your career and educational goals can also help you determine courses to include in your full membership application. Students have shown the university catalog to bosses during an internship to get their ideas about courses that would best prepare them for a career choice.

How to submit forms application forms – The forms have instructions on them. Email the electronic version of the form to the email given on the form.

How long will it take for an application to be processed – Membership applications and program of study changes can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you are then asked to make modifications before approval, the review will likely be completed in one week after you submit the changes.

Checking status of forms after they are submitted – The program keeps a database that contains information about the status of the review process. Email engrhonors@iastate.edu if you need to check in.

Developing an honors project – Talk to faculty members who are doing work in areas that you have an interest. These can be faculty who you took courses or seminars from. Look at the research interests of faculty. You can also work with a professional outside of the university. In such a case you would need to identify a faculty member, for example your department’s honors representative, who would be responsible for assigning a grade for your work. Talk to your representative or your academic advisor to help you identify research areas and faculty that fit your interests.

Making changes to a program of study – Discuss changes with your academic advisor. Any changes to the courses that were approved with you full membership must be approved by the college of engineering honors program committee.  You will need to justify changes and show that you are still meeting the Honors and curricular requirements.

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