Award-Winning Honors Project Presentations

Members of the College of Engineering Honors Program Committee evaluate EHP members’ honors project poster presentations at the UHP poster symposium.   The best-reviewed presenters each semester are awarded a $250 scholarship from the College.

Spring 2021 – Srisai Anirudh Tangellapalli (Computer Engineering), Evaluating Machine Learning Models to Identify Leaf Damage on Sorghum (mentor Dr. Josh Peschel, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering)

Spring 2021 – Danielle Thompson (Chemical Engineering), Environmental Impacts of Modified Escherichia coil Lignocellulose Biomass Component for Biofuel Production (mentor Dr. Laura Jarboe, Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Fall 2020 – Carolyn Bernemann (Mechanical Engineering), Applying Similitude Modeling Methods to Tribological Applications (mentor Dr. Cris Schwartz, Mechanical Engineering)

Fall 2019 – Holly Schmitz (Mechanical Engineering), Iliotibial band strain while running around a radius (mentor Dr. Tim Derrick, Kinesiology)

Spring 2019 – Maxsam Donta (Chemical Engineering),  Peripheral Nerve Regeneration (mentor Dr. Surya Mallapragada, Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Fall 2018 – Michelle Friedmann (Biological Systems Engineering),  Evaluation of Stirring to Control Lesser Grain Borers in Stored Wheat (mentor Dr. Carl Bern, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering)

Spring 2018 – Ashley McKenna (Materials Engineering),  Theory and Development of Exchange Spring Magnets and Nanocrystalline Metals (mentor Dr. Ludovico  Cademartiri, Materials Science and Engineering)

Fall 2017 – Nicholas Gossling (Chemical Engineering), Synthesis of Complex Gold Nanostructures via Seeded Growth (mentor Dr. Andrew Hillier, Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Spring 2017 – Catherine Le Denmat (Chemical Engineering),  Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Differentiation on Modified Poly-L-Lysine Surfaces (mentor Dr. Kaitlin Bratlie, Materials Science and Engineering)

Fall 2016 – Brandon Ophoff (Construction Engineering), University Campus LEED Building Energy Consumption Analysis: A Case Study in Predicted Versus Actual Energy Consumption (mentor Dr. Kristen Cetin, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering)

Spring 2016 – Michael Flannery (Aerospace Engineering), Marching snare drum music holder (mentor Mr. Pete Evans, Architecture & Industrial Design)

Fall 2015 – Catherine Meis (Materials Engineering), Placenta-on-a-Chip: Replicating the Function of the Placental Barrier as an In-Vitro Model (mentor Dr. Nastaran Hashemi, Mechanical Engineering)

Spring 2015 – Rachel Philiph (Materials Engineering), Non-Viral Gene Delivery Using Modified Poly-L-Lysine (mentor Dr. Kaitlin Bratlie, Material Science & Engineering)

Fall 2014 – Michelle Voelker (Industrial Engineering), Variations in Resume Design (mentor Dr. Charles Kostelnick, English)

Spring 2014 – Ryan Francois (Civil Engineering), Re-imagining Public Space: A Parklet for Ames (mentor Prof. Nadia Anderson, Architecture & Urban Design)

Fall 2013 – Kim Scherber (Civil Engineering), Lake and Groundwater Interaction at Clear Lake (mentor Dr. Bill Simpkins, Geology & Atmospheric Sciences)

Spring 2013 – Ryan Hall (Materials Engineering), The Effectiveness of Coating MWCNTs with Silane in Supercritical CO2 for Polymer Nanocomposites (mentor Dr. Mike Kessler, Materials Science Engineering)

Spring 2012 – Carl Kirpes (Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering), Truday: Contemporary Fiction Novel Incorporating Reflective Leadership (mentor Karen Bovenmeyer, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)



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