The Engineering College honors program is designed to add breadth, depth, and personal and professional development to students’ programs of study and Iowa State experience. The Engineering Honors student’s educational program is developed to meet individual needs, interests, and aptitudes. The Engineering Honors Program (EHP) is a part of the Iowa State University Honors Program (UHP). The centralized UHP Committee addresses campus-wide matters, while the EHP is directed by an committee composed faculty and a student representative responsible for college-level programs and policies.

Admission to the COE Honors Program is administered by the University Honors Program. For information about joining, see this information.

Some of the opportunities offered to students in the EHP include:

  • Honors classes
  • Small-group honors seminars
  • Collaborations with individual faculty on research projects
  • Extended library loan privileges
  • Priority registration for classes
  • 24-hour use of Jischke Honors Building
  • Social and educational events organized by the Honors Student Board

A cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above is the pre-requisite for admission into the Program. Students wanting to be a member of the Engineering Honors Program also need to have completed one semester as a full time student and have at least 48 credits remaining before graduation. Students are encouraged to work closely with their honors advisors to help them develop their educational statements and programs of study. Interested students are encouraged to apply as early as is possible to get the maximum benefits.

Incoming students are not excluded, however, as the Freshman Honors Program provides new college students with many opportunities not available to the general freshman population, including unique fall orientation seminars led by upper-class honors students. The University Honors Program directs this Freshman Honors Program.

Graduation in the Honors Program is recognized by special notation on the student’s diploma and permanent record. The Engineering Honors Program is interested in challenging motivated students to better themselves through exposure to the best and widest spectrum of courses and faculty that Iowa State has to offer.