Zhengdao Wang

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

3134 Coover
Ames, IA 50011-3060
Phone: 515-294-8362
Fax: 515-294-8432

Interest Areas

Wireless communications, signal processing, information theory

Core Research Area: Communications and signal processing

Strategic Research Area: Distributed sensing and decision making

Selected Publications

Wang, Z., S. Zhou, and J. Wu. Transmitter Optimization and Performance Gain for Multiple-input Single-output Systems with Finite-rate Direction Feedback. IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 8, no. 5, (May 2009): 2253-2258.

Ke, H. Yin, W. Gong, and Z. Wang. Finite-resolution Digital Receiver Design for Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband Communication. IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications 7, no. 12, (December 2008): 5108-5117.

Zhao, L., W. Mo, Y. Ma, and Z. Wang. Diversity and Multiplexing Tradeoff in General Fading Channels. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory , April 2007, 1549-1558.

Mo, W., Z. Wang, and A. Dogandzic. EM-based Iterative Receiver for Coded MIMO Systems in Unknown Spatially Correlated Noise. Wileys Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 7, (January 2007): 81-89.

Ma, Y., Z. Wang, and S. Pasupathy. Asymptotic Performance of Hybrid-Selection/Maximal-Ratio Combining Over Fading Channels. IEEE Transactions on Communication 54, no. 5, (May 2006): 770-777.