Julie A Dickerson

  • Professor

Main Office

3123 Coover
Ames, IA 50011-3060
Phone: 515-294-7705
Fax: 515-294-8432


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California (1993)

M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California (1986)

B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of California, San Diego (1983)

Interest Areas

Core Research Areas: Human-computer interaction, bioinformatics and computational biology, communications and signal processing, systems biology, bioinformatics, pattern recognition, data visualization, real-time sensor networks

Strategic Area: Data, decisions, networks & autonomy; bioengineering

Selected Publications

  • Mao, L., J. Van Hemert, S. Dash, and J. Dickerson. Arabidopsis Gene Co-expression Network and Its Functional Modules. BMC Bioinformatics 10, (2009): 346. Grimplet, J., G. R. Cramer, J. A. Dickerson, K. Mathiason, J. Van Hemert, and A. Y. Fennell. VitisNet: Omics Integration through Grapevine Molecular Networks. PLoS ONE 4, no. 12, (2009): e8365.
  • Call, A., S. Herrnstadt, E. S. Wurtele, J. Dickerson, and D. Bassham. Meta!Blast Virtual Cell: A Pedagogical Convergence Between Game Design and Science Education. Journal of Systematics, Cybernetics, and Informatics 5, no. 5, (December 2007): 27-31.?
  • Zhou W., T. Xia, J. Tong, J. Dickerson, B. Su, and X. Gu. Modeling Protein Interaction Network and Mechanisms in Exocytosis, In Proc. IEEE 7th International Symposium on Bioinformatics & Bioengineering, Cambridge, MA, November 2007.?
  • S. Y. Rhee, J. Dickerson, and D. Xu. Bioinformatics and its Applications in Plant Biology, Annual Review of Plant Biology 57, (2006): 335-359.