The following is a general timeline for 2022-2023 catalog production. For 2022-23, edit and approve courses in the spring-summer and edit department masthead and final curricula in the fall. More information will be available soon for training in CourseLeaf editing software. If you have questions, contact Jenni Keitges or Heidi Christensen

2012-2013 Catalog Editing
Date Task(s) Detail
Spring – Summer 2021 Course Approvals/Editing (Departments/College) Submit course changes via CourseLeaf; notify cross listed departments and colleges of changes if they affect programs and/or courses
Fall 2021 Courses/Curricula approval by FSCC College report templates prepared by Office of the Registrar; CCC representatives present reports through Nov.
Narrative (masthead) changes and curriculum changes submitted via CourseLeaf Approve masthead changes and curriculum changes via CourseLeaf

Proposed Timeline for 2022-23 Catalog Editing

Now through June:



  • enter course data in CourseLeaf at training session(s) –dates to be announced.



  • finalize course submittals and prepare proposed changes summary.



  • finalize curricula and approve curricula and courses via college summary reports (FSCC). Edit narratives (mastheads).


November – December (end of term):

  • Finalize and approve catalog by Faculty Senate



  • Online catalog finalized. Present detailed calendar to FSCC for approval.



  • Begin review for course changes for 23-24 catalog.