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Be CALM Engineer On.

The College of Engineering is committed to creating an Active Culture of Care that supports you, our students – especially during occurrences on campus, locally, and nationally that can cause emotional and mental stress.

With this goal in mind, the College is implementing Be CALM Engineer On.

Be Carefully Attentive to Listening and Mindfulness
Engineer On

While Be CALM Engineer On is open to all students, it’s focus is on students who self-identify as holding a marginalized identity.

Be CALM Engineer On creates a culture of care in 3 ways:

  • Communicating to you, our students
  • Sharing resources with you
  • Providing processing opportunities for you

When an event occurs that impacts COE students, the Be CALM Engineer On Response Team will host Processing Spaces throughout the college. The Processing Spaces provide Cyclone Engineers the opportunity to begin to sort out their perspectives with staff and faculty available to listen, offer support, and provide access to resources. It’s not counseling; its caring for you, our students. We want to provide a space where you can work through your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and experiences, identify resources available to you, or just “sit and be”.  You are welcome to stop in for a few minutes or to stay the entire time.

If you are interested in receiving information from Be CALM Engineer On, please sign-up here.
If you would like to remove your name from the Be CALM Engineer On communications list, please click here.