Academic Departments

Alric Rothmayer
Dr. Alric Rothmayer, Chair

Aerospace Engineering

1200A Howe Hall
515 294-5666
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Amy Kaleita
Dr. Amy Kaleita, Interim Chair

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

1340B Elings Hall
515 294-1434
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Andrew Hillier
Dr. Andrew Hillier, Chair

Chemical and Biological Engineering

2114 Sweeney Hall
515 294-7642

David Sanders
Dr. David Sanders, Chair

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

394 Town Engineering
515 294-2140
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Ashfaq Khokhar
Dr. Ashfaq Khokhar, Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2215 Coover Hall
515 294-1097

Sarah Ryanb
Dr. Sarah Ryan, Interim Chair

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

3004 Black Engineering Building
515 294-1682
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Chris Cornelius
Dr. Chris Cornelius, Chair

Materials Science and Engineering

2220 Hoover Hall
515 294-1214
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Caroline Hayes
Dr. Caroline C. Hayes, Chair

Mechanical Engineering

2043 Black Engineering Building
515 294-1423
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