Academic Policies

Students must meet University, College and Departmental requirements for graduation.  Below are important College of Engineering rules and procedures.

Basic Program


 Basic Program Rule

Contact: Paul Castleberry

Academic Warning, Probation & Dismissal

 Policy Description (PDF)

Foreign Language Requirement

Direct from high school students first enrolled at ISU Fall 2009 or after and transfer students first enrolled Fall 2013 or after must meet the College of Engineering foreign language requirement. The College of Engineering requires two years of a single world language in high school or two semesters of college credit in a single world language. The World Language Petition document provides further information regarding meeting this requirement.

 World Language Petition (PDF)

Academic Standards Resources


Students requesting reinstatement into the College of Engineering should contact an adviser in the college and the major that they wish to obtain their degree in. Typically students will need to wait one academic semester (for 1st dismissal) or two academic semesters (for 2 or more dismissals) before petitioning to be reinstated in accordance with the university reinstatement policy found under “Reinstatement” in the online university catalog.

 Reinstatement: policies, procedures and deadlines (PDF)

 Activity Report (DOC)

 Program of Study (POS) (PDF)

Policy Waivers

Students requesting an exception to university academic rules (ex. late class drop, retro-active withdrawal) should contact their adviser and submit documentation materials by the same deadlines listed for reinstatement. For time sensitive decisions, materials can be submitted at anytime.

 Petition for Policy Waiver (PDF)


The University Catalog provides students with an appeal process for academic grievances, including grade changes. This appeal process can be found at the following link.

Letters of appeal related to decisions made by the College of Engineering Academic Standards Committee should be addressed to: 2620 Howe Hall, Ames, IA 50011,, Phone: 515-294-8355, or Fax: 515-294-8993. Students should work with their academic adviser on the appeal.

The steps in the appeal process can be found at the following university catalog link under the section ‘Student Appeal’