Umesh Vaidya

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

3215 Coover
Ames, IA 50011-3060
Phone: 515-294-7975

Interest Areas

Control of complex dynamical systems with applications to power system and fluid flow problems, control of network control systems

Core Research Area: Systems and controls

Strategic Research Areas: Distributed sensing and decision making

Selected Publications

Vaidya, U., P.G. Mehta, and U. Shanbhag. Nonlinear Stabilization via Control Lyapunov Measure. IEEE Trans. Automatic Control , 2010, (forthcoming).

Mehta, P.G., U. Vaidya, and A. Banaszuk. Markov Chains, Entropy, and Fundamental Limitations in Nonlinear Stabilization. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 53, no. 3, (April 2008), 784-791.

Vaidya, U. and P. G. Mehta. Lyapunov Measure for Almost Everywhere Stability. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 53, no. 1, (March 2008): 307-323.

Mathew, G., I. Mezic, S. Grivopoulos, U. Vaidya, and L. Petzold. Optimal Control of Mixing in Stokes Fluid Flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 580, (2007): 261-281.

Vaidya, U. and I. Mezic. Controllability for a Class of Area-Preserving Twist Maps. Physica D 189, (2004): 234-246.