Travis Sippel

  • Assistant Professor
  • Mechanical Engineering

Main Office

2090 Black Engr
Ames, IA
Phone: 515-294-3803


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2013
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2009
  • ME, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 2009
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kansas, 2006

Interest Areas

  • Multiphase combustion of propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics
  • Combustionn synthesis
  • Metal combustion
  • Novel uses of energetic materials
  • Combustion diagnostics
  • Nanoscale material synthesis/characterization
  • Colloid/surface forces.

Selected Publications

  • MA Rubio, IE Gunduz, LJ Groven, TR Sippel, CW Han, RR Unocic, V Ortalan, SF Son, “Microexplosions and ignition dynamics in engineered aluminum/polymer fuel particles,” Combustion and Flame, 176, pp.162-171, 2017.
  • BC Terry, TR Sippel, MA Pfeil, IE Gunduz, SF Son, “Removing Hydrochloric Acid Exhaust Products from High Performance Solid Rocket Propellant Using Aluminum-Lithium Alloy,” J. Hazardous Materials, 317, pp. 259-266, 2016.
  • BC Terry, IE Gunduz, MA Pfeil, TR Sippel, SF Son, “A mechanism for shattering microexplosions and dispersive boiling phenomena in aluminum–lithium alloy based solid propellant,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, In press/online.
  • BA Mason, TR Sippel, LJ Groven, IE Gunduz, SF Son, “Combustion of Mechanically Activated Ni/Al Reactive Composites with Microstructural Refinement Tailored using Two-Step Milling,” Intermetallics, 66, 88-95, 2015.
  • T.R. Sippel, S. Zhang, E.L. Dreizin, S.F. Son, L.J. Groven, “Exploring Mechanisms for Agglomerate Reduction in Composite Solid Propellants with Polyethylene Inclusion Modified Aluminum,” Combustion and Flame, 2014.
  • T.R. Sippel, S.F. Son, L.J. Groven, “Aluminum Agglomeration Reduction in a Composite Propellant Using Tailored Al/PTFE Particles,” Combustion and Flame, 161, 311-321, 2014.
  • T.R. Sippel, S.F. Son, L.J. Groven, “Modification of Micrometer Aluminum with Poly(carbon monofluoride) via Mechanical Activation,” Propellants, Explosives, and Pyrotechnics, 38, 321-326, 2013.
  • T.R. Sippel, T.L. Pourpoint, S.F. Son, “Combustion of Nanoaluminum and Water Propellants: Effect of Equivalence Ratio and Safety/Aging Characterization,” Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 38, 56-66, 2013.
  • T.R. Sippel, S.F. Son, L.J. Groven, “Altering Reactivity of Aluminum with Selective Inclusion of Polytetrafluoroethylene through Mechanical Activation,” Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 38, 286-295, 2012.