Thomas Ward III

  • Assistant Professor

Main Office

2324 Howe Hall
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: (515) 294-3935
Fax: (515) 294-3262


  • BS, Missouri S&T (formerly University of Missouri Rolla), Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Applied Mathematics, 1998
  • MS, Stanford University, Chemical Engineering, 2001
  • PhD, University of California - Santa Barbara, Mechanical Engineering, 2003

Interest Areas

  • Microfluidics for heat and mass transport
  • Micro scale devices for heat transfer
  • Electronic flapping devices
  • Potential flow in porous media

Multiphase/granular flow

Selected Publications

  • White, A. R. & Ward, T. CO2 sequestration in a radial Hele-Shaw cell via an interfacial chemical reaction. (Accepted Chaos).
  • Thelen, J., Dickey, M. D. & Ward, T. Monodisperse liquid metal microspheres with tunable stability. (Accepted Lab on a Chip)
  • Ward, T. & Hourigan, W. 2012 Granular segregation in a tilted-rotating drum. Powder Tech., 215-216, 227-234. doi link
  • Ward, T. & White, A. R. 2011 Expansion of a gas in a partially-liquid filled radial Hele-Shaw cell. Phys. Rev. E, 83, 046316. doi link
  • Ward, T. 2011 Capillary-pressure driven adhesion of rigid-planar surfaces. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 354 (2), 816-824. doi link
  • Ward, T., Faivre, M. & Stone, H. A. 2010 Drop production and tip-streaming phenomenon in a microfluidic flow focusing device via an interfacial chemical reaction. Langmuir, 26, 9233-9239. doi link