Sang W. Kim

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

3112 Coover
Ames, IA 50011-3060
Phone: 515-294-2726


PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan (1987)
MS, Electrical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (1983)
BS, Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University (1981)

Interest Areas

Cooperative communications, code division multiple access, MIMO, channel and network coding, cross-layer design, wireless security, wireless networking

Core Research Area: Communications and signal processing

Strategic Research Area: Distributed sensing and decision making

Selected Publications

  • S.W.Kim and Y.J.Chun, and S.Kim, “Co-channel interference cancellation using single radio frequency and baseband chain,” IEEE Transactions on Communications, pp. 2169 – 2175, July 2010.
  • S.W.Kim, “Cooperative concatenated coding in multi-hop multiple access relay networks,” IEEE Transactions on Communications, pp.3305-3315, Nov.  2010.
  • S.W.Kim, T.Khalaf, and S.Kim, “MAP detection of misbehaving relay in wireless multiple access relay networks,” IEEE Communications Letters, pp.340-342, March 2011.
  • N.Malani and S.W.Kim, “Channel adaptive prioritized network coding,” IEEE Communications Letters, pp. 1256 – 1259, Aug. 2012.
  • S.W.Kim and Y.J.Chun, “Reliability-rate tradeoff in large scale multiple access relay networks with random network coding,” IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications,  Vol.31, Nov. 15, 2012.