Ruth Shinar

  • Scientist II

Main Office

211 ASC I
Ames, IA 50011-3025
Phone: 515-294-5898
Fax: 515-294-9584

Interest Areas

Organic electronics, including organic light emitting devices (OLEDs), OLED-based chemical and biological sensing platforms, and organic photodetectors; semiconducting materials and devices; and surface studies

Core Research Area: Microelectronics and photonics

Strategic Research Area: Small-Scale Technology

Selected Publications

Shinar, Ruth and Joseph Shinar. Structurally Integrated Photoluminescent Chemical and Biological Sensors: An Organic Light-Emitting Device (OLED)-Based Platform. In Organic Semiconductors in Sensor Applications , eds. Dan Bernards, Roisin Owens, and George G. Malliaras (New York: Springer Verlag, 2008), 61-96.

Shinar, Joseph and Ruth Shinar. Organic Light-emitting Devices (OLEDs) and Structurally Integrated OLED-based Chemical and Biological Sensors: An Overview. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41(13), no. 133001, (2008).

Cai, Yuankun, Ruth Shinar, Zhoqun Zhou, Chengliang Qian, and Joseph Shinar. Multianalyte Sensor Array Based on an Organic Light Emitting Device Platform. Sensors and Actuators B 134, (2008): 727-735.

Shinar, Joseph, Ruth Shinar, and Zhaoqun Zhou. Combinatorial Screening of Small Molecular Organic Light-emitting Device Libraries. Applied Surface Science 254, no. 3, (2007): 749-756.

Zhou, Zhaoqun, Ruth Shinar, Adam J. Allison, and Joseph Shinar. Enhanced Photoluminescence of Oxygen Sensing Films Through Doping with High Dielectric Constant Particles. Advanced Functional Materials 17, no. 17, (2007): 3530-3537.