Leslie Potter

  • Senior Lecturer

Main Office

3012 Black Engr
Ames, IA 50011-2164
Phone: 319-269-5835

Interest Areas

Leslie Potter's focus is helping IMSE undergraduate students make the transition from academia to industry. After seven years of working in industry and one year of teaching at UNI, Ms. Potter returned to Iowa State's IMSE department to teach the Senior Design Capstone course (IE441), which she has been doing now since 2001. Her primary role is to recruit Iowa-based companies to work with the senior design students, help identify semester-long projects, and then lead the students through the process of problem definition and solution generation for open-ended design problems. She emphasizes the importance of technical and professional skill integration, including engineering problem solving combined with communication and professionalism skills. In addition, Ms. Potter is heavily involved in student outcome assessment and the development of new courses based on outcome assessment results. She has written five papers about outcome assessment and the continuous improvement process applied within the program.

Selected Publications

Potter, L.A., Jackman, J.K., Min, K.J., and Search, M., "Integrating Communication and Engineering Skills in an Industrial Engineering Curriculum Based on Outcome Assessment Results" Proceedings of the 2008 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, May, 2008.

Potter, L.A., Jackman, J.K., Min, K.J., and Search, M., "A New Engineering Communications Course Based on a Professional Communications Process" Proceedings of the 2008 ASEE National Conference, June 2008.

Potter, L.A., Min, K.J., and Peters, F.E., "Effecting Improvement in an Industrial Engineering Program by Applying Outcome Assessment Results" Proceedings of the 2007 ASEE National Conference, June, 2007.

Potter, L.A, Daniel, S., Popejoy-Sheriff, D., and Min, K.J., "ABET Outcome Assessment and Improvement through the Capstone Design Course in an Industrial Engineering Curriculum" Proceedings of the 2006 National ASEE conference, June, 2006.

Potter, L.A. and Min, K.J., "ABET Outcome Assessment in an Industrial Engineering Capstone Design Course" Proceedings of the 2005 ASEE North Midwest Regional Conference, October, 2005.