Matthew Panthani

  • Assistant Professor
  • Hebert L. Stiles Faculty Fellow

Main Office

2037 Sweeney Hall
Ames, IA 50011-1098
Phone: 515-294-1736


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2011
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 2006

Interest Areas

  • Chemical Synthesis and Assembly of Nanostructured Electronic Materials
  • Solution-processable/Quantum Dot Electronic Devices
  • Photovoltaics,Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials
Current Projects
    • Our experimental research group will focus on addressing global challenges in the areas of energy production, utilization, and efficiency. Fundamental and technological advances in each of these areas require novel methods for manipulating energy at interfaces within and between materials. Our strategy will emphasize molecular-level, bottom-up engineering of functional inorganic materials with engineered structures and interfacial chemistry designed to control materials properties and transport characteristics. The goals of our group include understanding fundamental electronic and photophysical phenomena in quantum dot solids, manipulating the electronic properties of nanostructured solids by precisely controlling their surface chemistry, and moving towards commercialization of solution processable photovoltaics. Potential research projects include:
    • 1. Understanding how surface chemistry and disorder affect energy transport in nano structured solids,
    • 2. Developing new materials chemistry for electronic device applications (e.g., transistors, light-emitting diodes, data storage, photovoltaics), and
    • 3. Solution processable semiconductors for photovoltaics
Teaching Spring Semester 2018
  • Ch E 381, Ch E Thermodynamics
  • Ch E 601, Seminar

Brief Biography


Selected Publications

  • Panthani, M.G.; Crisp, R.W.; Kurley, J.M.; Dietz, T.C.; Ezzyat, T.; Luther, J.M.; Talapin, D.V., “High Efficiency Solution Processed Sintered CdTe Solar Cells: The Role of Interfaces,” Nano Letters (2014), 14 (2), 670-675.
  • Panthani, M.G.; Stolle, C.J.; Reid, D.K.; Rhee, D.J.; Harvey, T.; Akhavan, V.A.; Korgel, B.A., “High open circuit voltages in CuInSe2 Quantum Dot Photovoltaics,”   Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2013), 4 (12), 2030-2034.
  • Panthani, M.G.; Khan, T.; Reid, D.K.; Hellebusch, D.; Rasch, M.R.; Maynard, J.M.; Korgel, B.A., “In Vivo Whole Animal Fluorescence Imaging of a Microparticle-Based Oral Vaccine Containing (CuInSexS2-x)/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dot,”  Nano Letters (2013), 13 (9) 4294-4298.
  • Panthani, M.G.; Hessel, C.M.; Reid, D.K.; Casillas, G.; Yacaman, M.J.; Korgel, B.A.,  “Graphene-Supported High Resolution TEM and STEM Imaging of Silicon Nanocrystals and their Capping Ligands,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C. (2013), 116 (42), 22463–22468.
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  • Holmberg, V.C.; Panthani, M.G.; Korgel, B.A., “Phase Transitions, Melting Dynamics, and Solid-State Diffusion in a Nano Test Tube,” Science (2009), 326, 405-407.
  • Steinhagen, C.; Panthani, M.G.; Akhavan, V.; Goodfellow, B.; Koo, B.; Korgel, B.A., “Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals for Use in Low-Cost Photovoltaics,” Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131 (35), 12554–12555.
  • Panthani, M.G.; Akhavan, V.; Goodfellow, B.; Schmidtke, J.P.; Dunn, L.; Dodabalapur, A.; Barbara, P.F.; Korgel, B.A.,  “Synthesis of CuInS2, CuInSe2, and Cu(InXGa1-X)Se2 (CIGS) Nanocrystal "Inks" for Printable Photovoltaics,”Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008), 130 (49), 16770-16777.