Morris Chang

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

391A Durham
Ames, IA 50011-2252
Phone: 515-294-7618


PhD, Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University (1993)
MS, Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University (1986)
BSEE, Tatung Institute of Technology, Taiwan (1983)

Interest Areas

Embedded systems, power-aware computer systems, performance in Java virtual machines, wireless network protocols

Core Research Area: Computing and networking systems

Strategic Research Area: Cyber infrastructure

Selected Publications

Abichar, Z. and J. M. Chang. A Medium Access Control Scheme for Wireless LANs with Constant-Time Contention. IEEE Trans. Mobile Computing, 2010, (forthcoming).
Hasan, Yusuf, W. M. Chen, J. M. Chang, and B. M. Gharaibeh. Upper Bounds for Dynamic Memory Allocation. IEEE Trans. Computers 59, no. 4, (April 2010): 468-477.
Peng, Yanlin and J. M. Chang. A Novel Mobility Management Scheme for Integration of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Fixed IP Networks. ACM Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications 15, no. 1, (February 2010): 112-125.
Ke, C. H., B. Li, Y. M. Huang, and J. M. Chang. Enhanced High Performance Distributed Coordination Function for IEEE 802.11 Multi-rate LANs. International Journal of Communication Systems 22, no. 8, (2009): 1045-1061.
Huang, M., J. M. Chang, and W. Chen. Grouping-based Dynamic Power Management for Multi-threaded Programs in Chip-Multiprocessors. In Proc. of IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiqutious Computing, Vancouver, Canada, August 29-31, 2009.