Monica Hitchcock Lamm

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

2157 Sweeney
Ames, IA 50011-1098
Phone: 515-294-6533
Fax: 515-294-2689


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2000 M.S. Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1998 B.S. Chemical Engineering, Syracuse University, 1993

Interest Areas

  • Molecular modeling and simulation
  • Multiscale simulation
  • Advanced materials
  • Team-Based Learning

 Teaching Spring Semester 2018

  • Ch E 642, Principles and Applications of Molecular Simulation

Brief Biography


Selected Publications

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  • Lippard C.N., Riley K.L., Lamm M.H., “Engineering Thinking in Prekindergarten Children:  A Systematic Literature Review”, Journal of Engineering Education 106(3), 454-474 (2017). Link
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  • Tank K.M., Raman D.R., Lamm M.H., Sundararajan S., and Estapa A., “Teaching Educators About Engineering: Preservice Elementary Teachers Learn Engineering Principles from Engineers,” Science & Children 54, 84-89 (2017).  Link
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