Emmanuel Hitimana

  • Graduate Assistant-Teaching

Main Office

Classification: Graduate


  • MS, Mechanical Engineering/Thermo-Fluid Science, University of North Dakota, 2014
  • BA, Engineering Technology/Mathematics, William Penn University, 2011

Interest Areas

  • Fluid flow visualization and quantification by using advanced optical techniques
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD)
  • Turbulent mixing
  • Multiphase flow-atomization, liquid-vapor flow
  • Reacting flows
  • Thermal management-electronic cooling
  • Thermal hydraulic sensors

Selected Publications

  • Liu, Z., Hitimana, E., Olsen, M. G., Hill, J. C., & Fox, R. O. (2016). Turbulent mixing in the confined swirling flow of a multi-inlet vortex reactor. AIChE Journal, 63(6), 2409-2419. doi:10.1002/aic.15572.
  • Jones, A., White, C., Castillo, C., Hitimana, E., Nguyen, K., Mishra, S., & Clark, W. (2014). Central Africa Energy: Utilizing NASA Earth Observations to Explore Flared Gas as an Energy Source Alternative to Biomass in Central Africa.

Conference Presentations

  • Olsen, M. G., Hitimana, E., Hill, J. C., & Fox, R. O. (2017, November). In APS Meeting Abstracts.
  • Olsen, M. G., Liu, Z., Hitimana, E., Hill, J. C., & Fox, R. O. (2015, November), “Turbulent velocity and concentration measurements in a multi-inlet vortex nanoprecipitation reactor”. In APS Meeting Abstracts.
  • Liu, Z., Hitimana, E., Olsen, M. G., Hill, J. C., & Fox, R. O., “Turbulent swirling flow and mixing in a multi-inlet vortex reactor.”
  • Hitimana, E., Tang, C., (2017, April), “a study of silicon dioxide colloidal suspension flow in channel with sudden area expansion”. Paper presented at Second Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference: Fluid Mechanics and Rheology of Nonlinear Materials and Complex Fluids.