Gordon R Youngquist

  • Professor Emeritus


PhD, ChE, University of Illinois, 1962
MS, ChE, University of Illinois, 1960
BS, ChE, University of Minnesota, 1958

Brief Biography

Honors and Awards
Outstanding Professor Award, ISU, 1988
Distinguished Teaching Award, Clarkson University, 1978
Western Electric/ASEE Award, 1977

Selected Publications

Youngquist, G. R., "Comments on the Intensity Function and Its Use," Ind. Eng. Chem. Process Des. Develop.,23, 769-772 (1984).

Youngquist, G. R. (ed.), "Advances in Solution Crystallization," AIChE Symp. Ser., 240(80) (1984).

Narayanan, H. and Youngquist, G. R., "Some Properties of Supersaturated Solutions," AIChE Symp. Ser.,253(83), 1-7 (1987).

Narayanan, H. and Youngquist, G. R., "Solution Growth Under Nonuniform Conditions: ADP and MgSO4-7H2O,"AIChE Symp. Ser., 253(83), 47-53 (1987).

Youngquist, G. R., "Convective Effects on Secondary Nucleation and Growth," Proceedings, International Symposium on Crystallization and Precipitation, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 45-51, Pergamon (1987).

Youngquist, G. R., "Factors Influencing Crystal Growth and Nucleation," Proceedings, American Filtration Society (1992).