Frank Peters

  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Chair of Operations

Main Office

3024 Black Engr
Ames, IA 50011-2164
Phone: 515-294-3855
Fax: 515-294-3524

Interest Areas

Manufacturing system and process improvements is the common theme of Dr. Frank Peters’ research work. He has worked with a variety of industries to develop solutions to improve quality and deliverability. Specific examples in the metalcasting field include heat treatment control and optimization, rapid patternmaking, decreasing product variability, and reducing the measurement error associated with visual inspection. Other areas of interest include dimensional variability of products, metrology and fixturing.

Selected Publications

Peters, F., R. Voigt, S. Ou, and C. Beckermann, [2007] "Effect of Mold Expansion on Pattern Allowances in Sand Casting of Steel”, International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 20, pp. 275-287.

Ryan, S.M., J. Jackman, F. Peters, S. Olafsson, M. Huba, [2004] "The Engineering Learning Portal for Problem Solving: Experience in a Large Engineering Economy Class" The Engineering Economist, 49, pp. 1-20.

VanVoorhis, T., F. Peters, and D. Johnson, [2001] "Developing Software for Generating Pouring Schedules for Steel Foundries" Computers & Industrial Engineering, 39, pp. 219-234.

Sangnui, S. and F. Peters, "The Impact of Surface Errors on the Location and Orientation of a Cylindrical Workpiece in a Fixture" [2001] ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 123, pp. 325-330.