Cameron A MacKenzie

  • Assistant Professor
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Main Office

3029 Black Engr
2529, AL
Phone: 515-294-6283


  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 2012. Advisor: Kash Barker
  • MS, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 2009
  • MA, International Affairs, The George Washington University, 2003
  • BS, Mathematics with Computer Science Option, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, 2001
  • BA, History and French, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne, 2001

Brief Biography

Cameron MacKenzie joined the IMSE Department at Iowa State University (ISU) in fall 2015 as an assistant professor. His graduate courses satisfy requirements for the Industrial Engineering degree as well as the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management degrees. He is teaching engineering economics for undergraduates and engineering risk analysis for graduate students in Fall 2017. Cameron’s research focuses on decision and risk analysis, with a particular emphasis on modeling the economic and business impacts caused by disruptions and building resilience within organizations. He has analyzed the economic impacts caused by the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and he has developed a resource allocation model to help an economic region recover from a disaster like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Before coming to Iowa State, he was an assistant professor in the Defense Resources Management Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School, and he previously consulted in the areas of defense and homeland security for former Defense Secretary William Cohen. He received his BS and BA from Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne (2001), an MA in International Affairs from The George Washington University (2003), an MS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University (2009), and a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma (2012). Cameron is also a research associate at Ames Lab as part of Mark Bryden’s Simulation, Modeling, & Decision Science program.

Selected Publications

  • Sadoughi, M.K.*, Li, M.*, Hu, C., MacKenzie, C.A., Lee, S.*, & Eshghi, A.T.* (2018). High-dimensional reliability analysis of engineered systems involving computationally expensive black-box simulations. Journal of Mechanical Design. In press.
  • Sivaprasad, S.*, & MacKenzie, C.A. (2018). The Hurwicz decision rule’s relationship to decision making with the triangle and beta distributions and exponential utility. Decision Analysis. In press. Author’s accepted manuscript.
  • MacKenzie, C.A., & Apte, A. (2017). Modeling disruption in a fresh produce supply chain. International Journal of Logistics Management, 28(2), 656-679. Author’s accepted manuscript
  • Regnier, E., & MacKenzie, C.A. (2017). The Hurricane Decision Simulator: A tool for Marine Forces in New Orleans to practice operations management in advance of a hurricane. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. In press. (Finalist for 2017 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Practice-Based Competition; Finalist for 2017 Public Sector OR Best Paper Award.) Author’s accepted manuscript
  • Sadoughi, M.K.*, Hu, C., MacKenzie, C.A., Eshgi, A.T., & Lee, S.* (2017). Sequential exploration-exploitation with dynamic trade-off for efficient reliability analysis of complex engineered systems. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. (An author’s accepted version is currently under embargo and will be available July 2018.)
  • Gallager, M.A., MacKenzie, C.A., Blum, D.M., & Boerman, D.A. (2016). Improving risk assessment communication. Military Operations Research Journal, 21(1), 5-20. Author’s accepted manuscript
  • MacKenzie, C.A., Baroud, H., & Barker, K. (2016). Static and dynamic resource allocation models for recovery of interdependent systems: Application to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Annals of Operations Research, 236(1), 103-129. Author’s accepted manuscript
  • MacKenzie, C.A., & Zobel, C.W. (2016). Allocating resources to enhance resilience, with application to Superstorm Sandy and an electric utility. Risk Analysis, 36(4), 847-862. Author’s accepted manuscript
  • Maalouf, M., MacKenzie, C.A., Radakrishnan, S., & Court, M. (2014). A new fuzzy logic approach to capacitated dynamic dial-a-ride problem. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 255, 30-40. Author’s accepted manuscript
  • MacKenzie, C.A. (2014). Summarizing risk using risk measures and risk indices. Risk Analysis, 34(12), 2143-2162. Author’s pre-peer reviewed manuscript
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