Brian Kirk Hornbuckle

  • Associate Professor

Main Office

3007 Agron
Ames, IA 50011-1010
Phone: 515-294-9868


PhD, Electrical Engineering and Atmospheric Science (geoscience and remote sensing), University of Michigan (2003)
MSE, Electrical Engineering (electromagnetics), University of Michigan (1997)
MA, Secondary Education (science), University of Mississippi (1996)
ScB, Electrical Engineering, Brown University (1994)

Interest Areas

Microwave remote sensing of soil and vegetation water content, radiative transfer modeling, field instrumentation

Core Research Area: Electromagnetics, microwave, and nondestructive evaluation

Strategic Research Area: Cyber infrastructure

Selected Publications

Cosh, M. H., E. D. Kabela, B. Hornbuckle, M. L. Gleason, T. J. Jackson, and J. H. Prueger. Observations of Dew Amount Using In Situ and Satellite Measurements in an Agricultural Landscape. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2009.
Robinson, D. A., C. S. Campbell, J.W. Hopmans, B. K. Hornbuckle, S. B. Jones, R. Knight, F. Ogden, J. Selker, and O. Wendroth. Soil Moisture Measurement for Ecological and Hydrological Watershed scale Observatories: A Review. Vadose Zone Journal, 2008.
Kabela, E. D., B. K. Hornbuckle, M. H. Cosh, M. C. Anderson, and M. L. Gleason. Dew Frequency, Duration, Amount, and Distribution in Corn and Soybean During SMEX05. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2008.
Wigneron, J.P., Y. Kerr, P. Waldteufel, K. Saleh, M.J. Escorihuela, P. Richaume, P. Ferrazoli, P. de Rosnay, R. Gurney, J.C. Calvet, J. P. Grant, M. Guglielmetti, B. Hornbuckle, C. Matzler, T. Pellarin, and M. Schwank. L band Microwave Emission of the Biosphere (L-MEB) Model: Description and Calibration Against Experimental Data Sets Over Crop Fields. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2007.
Hornbuckle, B. K., A. W. England, and M. C. Anderson. The Effect of Intercepted Precipitation on the Microwave Emission of Maize at 1.4 GHz. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2007.