Anupam Sharma




2235 Howe Hall
537 Bissell Rd.
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  • Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 2004
  • M.S. Aerospace Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 2001
  • B. Tech. Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1999

Awards and Honors

  • Early Achievement in Teaching, College of Engineering, Iowa State University, 2019
  • Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
  • US Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship (2022, 2019 & 2016)
  • NSF Early CAREER award, 2016
  • Renewable Energy Impact award, Iowa Energy Center, 2014
  • Technology Project of the Year Award, General Electric Company, 2012
  • Best Publicaton award, General Electric Company, 2009
  • Outstanding Research Award, Vertical Flight Foundation, 2000


Undergrad: AerE/ME 448 Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachinery, AerE 411 Propulsion of Aerospace Vehicles, AerE 311 Aerodynamics II, EM 451 Engineering Acoustics.

Graduate: AerE 583 Aeroacoustics, AerE 547 Computational Fluid Dynamics, WESEP 501X Wind Energy Resources (20%).


Interest Areas:


    • Turbomachinery noise;
    • Wind turbine noise;
    • Bioinspired designs for noise mitigation.

Wind turbines:

    • Aeromechanics performance;
    • Novel turbine concepts;
    • Inverse design methods.

Dynamic stall:

    • Numerical modeling;
    • Mitigation techniques.

Selected Sponsored Projects: $5.36 M total from 16 grants including 7 federal (NSF, DOE, AFOSR), 5 state, and 4 industry. (selected few are listed below)

  1. Advancing aerodynamic whistle-based ultrasonic bat deterrence technology to enable ultra-large wind turbines, 05/2024 — 04/2028, DOE, $750K
  2. Mid-scale RI-1 (M1:DP): National Testing Facility for Enhancing Wind Resiliency of Infrastructure in Tornado-Downburst-Gust Front Events (NEWRITE), 10/2023 – 09/2027, NSF, $14M
  3. Data-enhanced hybrid modeling for turbulent aerodynamics, 09/2022 – 08/2025, AFOSR, $553K.
  4. Characterization of onset of dynamic stall for low Mach number flows, 07/2019 — 06/2024, NSF, $400K.
  5. CAREER: Ultra Quiet Aircraft Propulsion Inspired by the Unique Plumage of the Owl, 04/2016 – 03/2021, NSF, $500K.
  6. Designing a passive, blade-mounted ultrasonic bat deterrent device, 09/2019 – 09/2021, DoE EERE, $200K.
  7. Characterization of Onset of Dynamic Stall for Low Mach Number Flows, 10/2019 – 10/2022, NSF, $373K.
  8. Predicting Dynamic Response of Structural Cables and Power Transmission Lines in Hurricanes and Other Windstorms, with P. Sarkar, 09/2015 – 08/2019, NSF, $338K
  9. Innovative Dual-Rotor Wind Turbine (DRWT) Designs for Improved Turbine Performance and Wind Farm Efficiency, 09/2014 to 08/2018, NSF, $440K
  10. CAREER: Biomimetic Designs to Silence Next-Gen Aircraft Propulsion Systems, 06/2014 – 05/2017, Iowa Space Grants Consortium, $105,000.


Selected Publications: (of 63 pubs. including 31 journals, 0 patents, 0 books/book chapters; h-index (Google): 16)

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Primary Strategic Research Area

Resilient Infrastructures