Partha P Sarkar


Interim Department Chair & Professor
Director, WiST Laboratory
Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (Courtesy)


1200a Howe
537 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 500111096


2343 Howe



EDUCATION Ph.D. Civil (Structural) Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, 1992 M.S. Civil (Structural) Engineering, Washington State University, 1986 B.Tech. Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1985


  • ASCE Cermak Medal, 2023
  • Fellow, ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), 2020
  • Fellow, SEI (Structural Engineering Institute), 2019
  • T.A. Wilson and Grace Miller Endowed Chair in Engineering, 2000-2008.
  • Member of Editorial Boards, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics (Elsevier), International Review of Aerospace Engineering (Praise Worthy Prize).
  • Guest Professor, Global Center of Excellence on Wind Eng., Tokyo Polytechnic Univ., Atsugi, Japan, 2008-2013.
  • Best paper award for a paper at Japanese National Symposium on Wind Engineering, 2010.
  • Hawley award for the best paper in the Texas Section ASCE, 1999.

TEACHING Undergrad: AerE 321 Flight Structures Analysis, AerE 422 Vibrations and Aeroelasticity, EM274 Statics, EM 324 Mechanics of Material. Graduate: AerE/EM 570 Wind Engineering, AerE/WESEP 511 Wind Energy System Design, WESEP 501 Wind Energy Resources (20%), EM 543 Intro to Random Vibrations and Nonlinear Dynamics.

RESEARCH Interest Areas: Wind Engineering/Wind Energy/Fluid Structure Interaction

  • Wind tunnel/computational simulations of ABL and non-synoptic(tornado, downburst, gust) wind and wind loads on civil structures;
  • Aeroelasticity (e.g. flutter) of civil/aero structures – aero load models and system identification (e.g. long-span bridges, tall buildings, high masts, signal light structure, airplane wings/rudder, cables);
  • Wind-induced fatigue;
  • Full-scale measurements;
  • Aerodynamic/dynamic loads/wakes and structural response of wind turbines;
  • Fluid-induced energy harvesting.

Selected Sponsored Projects: $32M total from 60 grants incl. 34 federal (NSF (22), NOAA, DOE, NAS), 6 state, 13 industry; Several wind-tunnel service center projects from industry.

  1. Mid-scale RI-1 (M1:DP): National Testing Facility for Enhancing Wind Resiliency of Infrastructure in Tornado-Downburst-Gust Front Events (NEWRITE), PI: P. Sarkar, Co-PIs: A.Alipour (CCEE), A. Sharma (AERE), G. Yan (Miss. S&T), D. Zuo (TTU), 10/2023 to 09/2027, NSF, $14M.
  2. Dynamics and Control of a Novel Wave-augmented Floating Offshore Wind Turbine, PI: Ossama Abdelkhalik, Co-PI: P. Sarkar, 9/2023 to 8/2026, NSF, $386,389.
  3. PFI-RP: Dynamically-Adaptive, Smart Morphing Building Facades for Wind Hazard Mitigation, with A.Alipour (CCEE), B.Shafei (CCEE), J. Hobeck and M. Mashnad, 09/2022 to 08/2025, NSF, $550,000.
  4. Prototyping an Aerodynamic Solution for Vibration Mitigation of Traffic Signals, with A. Alipour, 10/2022 to 05/2024, NCHRP-IDEA, $125,000.
  5. Collaborative Research: Rethinking the Role of Building Envelopes with Smart Morphing Facades, with A.Alipour (CCEE), B.Shafei (CCEE) and J. Hobeck (Kansas State Univ.), 01/2019 to 08/2023, NSF, $501,997.
  6. Development of a Novel Aerodynamic Solution to Mitigate Large Vibrations in Traffic Signal Structures, with A. Alipour (CCEE), 06/2017 to 04/2020, NAS/NCHRP-IDEA, $136,612.
  7. Predicting Dynamic Response of Structural Cables and Power Transmission Lines in Hurricanes and Other Windstorms, with A. Sharma (AERE), 09/2015 to 08/2019, NSF, $337,831.
  8. Development of High Performance Control Systems for Wind Response Mitigation, with S. Laflamme (CCEE), A. Alipour (CCEE) 09/2015 to 08/2020, NSF, $399,034.
  9. IGERT: A New Ph.D. Program in Wind Energy Science, Engineering and Policy, with J. McCalley (ECpE), J. Jackman (IMSE), and E. Takle (AGR), 06/2011 to 02/2019, NSF, $3.21M.
  10. Collaborative Research: Characterization, Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis of Tornado Wind and Its Effects on Buildings, with Texas Tech University, 06/2014 to 05/2017, NSF, $500,000 (ISU: $250,000).



Selected Publications (of 234 pubs. including 80 journals, 1 book chapter, 4 patents, 3 ed. proceedings; h-index: 36; i10-index: 80; Citations: 4422 (Google 1/31/24).

1.      Hareendran, S.P,   Alipour, A., Shafei, B., Sarkar, P. (2023). Characterizing Wind-Structure Interaction for Performance-based Wind Design of Tall Buildings, Engineering Structures, 289.

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4.      Jafari, M., Sarkar, P. (2021). Buffeting and Self-excited Load Measurements to Evaluate Ice and Dry Galloping of Yawed Power Transmission Lines, ASCE Journal of StructuralEngineering, 147(11).

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Primary Strategic Research Area

Resilient Infrastructures