Anuj Sharma


Pitt-Des Moines, Inc. Professor in Civil Engineering
Director FAST-TrAC
Co-Director REACTOR Lab


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Dr. Anuj Sharma is an associate professor in the Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Department at Iowa State University. He also holds a joint appointment as a research scientist with the Institute of Transportation. In these positions, he teaches transportation engineering courses to undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students, conducts research in the transportation operations area and participates in numerous professional organizations. Dr. Sharma’s research has been recognized by many funding agencies. Dr. Sharma is currently leading research at the REACTOR (REaltime AnalytiCs of TranspORtation data) laboratory. The High Performance Cluster (HPC) assembled for the lab is able to ingest multiple streams of real-time data from multiple sources. The current efforts are focused on ingestion, real-time analytics, batch processing, visualization/front end development and archiving of data streams. Some of the tools developed under this effort can be found at the lab’s website. REACTOR-HPC and a memorandum of understanding with Iowa DOT has placed Iowa State University among one of the very few facilities in the US transportation arena using big data analytics in the field of transportation.

Honors and Awards

  • Social Analytics Strategic Network (SASNet) Fellow from Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) and Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLGRC), 2016
  • Outstanding Reviewer from the Journal of Transportation Engineering (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2014.
  • Central States Conference ASLA 2014 Merit Award (Category-Research) for “Economic Framework for Feature Selection in Healing Garden: Evaluation at Women’s Hospital – Category IV,” HDR – Omaha, NE and UNL – Lincoln, NE, 2014
  • Great Plains Chapter ASLA 2013 Merit Award (Category-Research) for “Economic Framework for Feature Selection in Healing Garden: Evaluation at Women’s Hospital – Category IV,” HDR – Omaha, NE and UNL – Lincoln, NE, 2013
  • Pikarsky Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation in Science and Technology by Council of University Transportation Centers, 2008
  • Exceptional Paper Award for “Recasting Dilemma Zone Design as a Marginal Costs-Benefits Problem” Traffic Signal System Committee at TRB 86th Annual Meeting, 2007

News and Articles

Anuj Sharma: Direct impact through civil engineering



  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2008
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2004
  • B.E. Civil Engineering, Regional Engineering College in Rourkela, India, 2001

Interest Areas

  • Big data analytics in transportation
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Traffic signal systems
  • Safety and efficiency of traffic operations
  • Smart rural transportation


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Primary Strategic Research Area

Resilient Infrastructures