Research Development Support Programs

The College of Engineering is committed to helping our faculty increase and diversify the sources of their research funding. We offer the following research development support programs:

  1. Exploratory Research Program – Applications will be accepted two times a year: March 26 and September 15 for the project start date to coincide with the next semester boundary. Application instructions, including fillable cover page are available by clicking the links.  An Excel budget template for these projects is available here.
  2. Pursuit Development Funds – This program is focused on providing the resources needed to write compelling proposals. Opportunities for multi-investigator teams, new research directions, or large proposals are more likely to need the support provided by this program. Application deadline is the first business day of every month.
  3. Faculty Travel Program – This program supports meetings with sponsors, program officers, and collaborators for the purpose of establishing and expanding research funding. Applications are accepted any time, preferably 3 weeks in advance of the intended trip. Travel to a professional/scientific conference is not eligible.
  4. ACRI: Support for Developing Strategic Research Thrusts – There is no formal deadline for this program. Faculty interested in developing a proposal should contact Dr. Arun Somani.
  5. VPR Seed Programs – The Office of the Vice President For Research also offers several campus-wide internal funding opportunities.