Padalkar, Sonal

Sonal Padalkar image

Sonal Padalkar



Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering


2012 Black Engr
2529 Union Dr
Ames, IA 500112030


Professional Experience
  • 2010-2013: Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University


  • PhD, Materials Engineering, Purdue University
  • MS, Physical Metallurgy, Government College of Engineering, Pune University
  • BS, Metallurgy, Government College of Engineering, Pune University

Interest Areas

  • Synthesis, characterization and simulation of hybrid nanostructures for energy related application
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for biosensing
  • Utilizing advanced characterization techniques like TEM, HRTEM, EELS, Atom Probe to obtain solutions for complex research problems
  • Bottom up synthesis techniques in the fabrication of nanostructures for nanoelectronic applications
  • Design, Synthesis and Characterization of photoelectrodes for water splitting


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  • S. R. Broderick, S. Dumpala, S. Padalkar* and K. Rajan. “Data Intensive Imaging for 3D Atom Probe”, Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (S3), 812-813, (2014)
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  • S. Howell, S. Padalkar* and L. Lauhon, “Spatial Mapping of Efficiency of GaN/InGaN Nanowire Array Solar Cells using Scanning Photocurrent Microscopy,” Nanoletters, 13, 11, 5123-5128, (2013)
  • J. Riley, S. Padalkar* and L. Lauhon, “Atom probe measurements of GaN-InGaN heterostructures,” Nanoletters, 13, 9, 4317–4325 (2013)