Eric Faierson


Research Assistant Professor


5000 Tremont Avenue
Suite 105
Davenport, IA 52807


5000 Tremont Avenue, Suite 105
Davenport, IA 52807


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·        J. He, S. Kushwaha, M. Mahrous, D. Abueidda, E. Faierson, J. Lloyd, I. Jasiuk, “Size-dependence of AM Ti-6Al-4V: experimental characterization and applications in thin-walled structures simulations,” Thin-Walled Structures, 2023.

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·        H. Lide, V. Ageh, J. Smith, J. Rodriguez, E.J. Faierson, T.W. Scharf, “Reactively sintered B4C-TiB2 composites: Effects of nanolayer films and secondary phase size on mechanical and fracture properties,” Materialia, 2022.

·        M.R.V. Sereshk, E.J. Faierson, “Study of defects and dimensional accuracy to determine manufacturability thresholds for laser powder bed fusion of Ti 6Al 4V lattices,” The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2022.

·        E. Malekipour, H. El-Mounayri, M. Marrey, E.J. Faierson, M. Al Hasan, “An innovative Fast Layer-wise Simulation of Temperature distribution using a Chessboard Strategy (FALS TECHS) in the powder-bed fusion process,” Additive Manufacturing, May 2021.

·        W.S. Rubink, V. Ageh, H. Lide, N.A. Ley, M.L. Young, D.T. Casem, E.J. Faierson, T.W. Scharf, “Spark Plasma Sintering of B4C and B4C-TiB2 Composites: Deformation and Failure Mechanisms under Quasistatic and Dynamic Loading,” Journal of the European Ceramic Society, January 2021.

·        M. Marrey, E. Malekipour, H. El-Mounayri, E. J. Faierson, “A Framework for Optimizing Process Parameters in Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) using Artificial Neural Network (ANN),” Procedia Manufacturing- SME NAMRC 47, 2019.

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·        L.W. Koester, H. Taheri, L.J. Bond, T.A. Bigelow, E.J. Faierson., “Acoustic Emissions Monitoring of Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing: Temporal Characteristics and Data Clustering for Process Monitoring,” Submitted to Additive Manufacturing March 2018

·        H. Taheri, L.W. Koester, T.A. Bigelow, E.J. Faierson, L.J. Bond, “In-situ Additive Manufacturing Process Monitoring with an Acoustic Technique: Clustering Performance Evaluation Using K-means Algorithm,” Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, vol. 141, 2019

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Primary Strategic Research Area

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing