Carmen Gomes

Carmen L Gomes


Associate Professor
COE Faculty Success Advisor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (Courtesy)
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (Courtesy)


1620F Howe Hall
537 Bissell Rd
Ames, IA 500111096


My research and teaching programs focus on the design and fabrication of nanoscale materials using biopolymers and 2D materials for the development of functional delivery systems and biosensors. . As a nanoscale material design and fabrication group we develop biosensors and delivery systems for a wide range of applications, including environmental sustainability (food and agricultural systems) and human health.
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  • 2023 – ELATES (Executive Leadership in Academic Technology, Engineering and Science) Fellow
  • 2022 – Royal Society of Chemistry, Fellow
  • 2018 – Emerging Leaders Academy, Iowa State University
  • 2017 – Excellence in Teaching Award, Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) Department
  • 2016 – Montague-Center for Teaching Excellence award, COALS, Texas A&M University
  • 2016 – Research Excellence Award, BAEN Department
  • 2013 – Excellence in Teaching Award, BAEN Department
  • 2012 – ASABE Professor of the Year Award – BAEN department
  • 2011 – ADVANCE scholar – Texas A&M U. ADVANCE Center for Women Faculty (NSF)
  • 2009 – Ethel Ashworth-Tsutsui Memorial Research Excellence Award Recipient, Texas A&M University
  • 2009 – 2nd place John C. Ayres Poster Competition Food Microbiology division at IFT Annual Meeting
  • 2009 – Top-5 graduate student paper competition Nonthermal Processing division at IFT annual meeting
  • 2006 – Bill & Rita Stout International Graduate Award – recognizes outstanding achievement by international graduate students in the BAEN Department


  • Ph.D., Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2010
  • B.S., Food Engineering, Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil, 2003

Interest Areas

  • Biosensors;
  • Nanotechnology;
  • Diagnostics and drug-delivery;
  • Design of novel nanoscale materials using biopolymers;
  • Design of biosensors using nanotechnology approaches;
  • Stimuli-responsive nanostructures;
  • Food safety and shelf-life extension of food products;
  • Delivery systems and sensing platforms.


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Primary Strategic Research Area

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing