Tessonnier, Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Tessonnier image

Professor, Richard C. Seagrave Professor

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioprivileged Chemicals Biorenewables Catalysis Electrosynthesis Hybrid Manufacturing

Gomes, Carmen

Carmen Gomes image

COE Faculty Success Advisor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (Courtesy)
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (Courtesy)

Faculty | ABE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Faculty ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering Virtual Reality Applications Center | Biobased Materials Biomaterials Biosensing Biosensors and point of care diagnostics Delivery system Drug Delivery Electrochemical systems Environmental Sensing Food and agricultural system improvements and evaluation Food processing

Jiang, Shan

Shan Jiang image

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty | IMSE Affiliate and Courtesy Appointments Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | 3D printing Additive Manufacturing Biobased Materials Biomaterials Biorenewables Coating Materials Drug Delivery Engineering education Nanomaterials Soft matter

Bai, Xianglan

Xianglan Bai image

Associate Chair for Research
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | CBE Courtesy Appointments ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioenergy Biofuels Biorenewables Carbon fibers Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Environmental Sustainability Materials Processing Mechanical Properties of Materials

Ceylan, Halil

Halil Ceylan image

Pitt-Des Moines, Inc. Endowed Professor in Civil Engineering (CCEE)
Director, Program for Sustainable Pavement Engineering and Research (PROSPER)
ISU Site Director, Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability (PEGASAS),
FAA Center of Excellence on General Aviation
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECpE) (Courtesy)

Faculty | CCEE Faculty Center For Nondestructive Evaluation Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Institute For Transportation | Airfield and Highway Pavement Systems Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Applications in Engineering Biobased Materials Conductive Concrete and Asphalt Design and Construction Health Monitoring of Infrastructure Systems Heated Pavements Mechanistic Performance Based Pavement Analysis Sustainable and Resilient Pavement Systems Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles and Systems (UAVs/UAS) Drones