1st Floor

1110 – Malcolm Family Conference Room
1155 – Harpole Welcome Center
1200 – Burns & McDonnell Engineering Student Services Suite
1200A – Jay and Karen Heldt-Chapman Office
1200B – Nancy Burowski Lincoln & Robert Thomas Lincoln Office
1200F – Arie E. and Catherine Breed Office
1300 – Danfoss Engineering Student Services Suite

2nd Floor

2110 – MidAmerican Energy Company Student Interaction Space
2155 – John O. and Nancy P. Hayes Auditorium
2180 – Robert A. and Jacklyn R. Lane Student Interaction Space
2300 – Bruce H. and Karen I. Grasser Classroom

3rd Floor

3012 – In memory of Dan Griffen Meeting Room
3016 – Joel Cerwick Meeting Room
3114 – Sadanand D. and Claudette J. Joshi Meeting Room
3116 – Rockwell Collins Meeting Room
3118 – Willis M. and Linda Brown Bywater Meeting Room
3155 – Craig K. and Terry M. Denny Conference Room
3182-3188 – Kiewit Meeting Suites
3200 – Bill C. Fox Engineering Career Services Suite
3200D – Wayne K. and Gloria J. Dunshee Office
3200E – KJWW Engineering Office

4th Floor

4100 – Richard H. and Mary Jo Stanley Dean’s Suite
4100C – Paul E. Morgan Administrative Office
4100D – James R. and Tamarra Giertz Conference Room
4100E – David and Christine Slump Administrative Office
4100K – Richard H. and Mary Jo Stanley Conference Room
4100S – Paul E. Morgan Administrative Office
4200 – Walter J. and Betty J. House Engineering College Relations Suite
4300 – Richard and Linda Soukup Engineering Development Suite
4300B – Larry and Pam Pithan Office
4300D – Lee and Sherry Sargent Office