Image of members participating in the Improve You Kickoff Event in 2016. Improve You Kickoff Event and Lunch
September 7, 2016The Improve You kicked off the 2016-2017 program year with a lunch in the Campanile Room at the Memorial Union on September 7, 2016. The College of Engineering Dean Sarah Rajala spoke to the group, and then the attendees participated in a networking activity to meet other people in the program, while answering thought-provoking questions. After lunch, the steering committee gave a short presentation to welcome the new members of the program and share helpful information on starting the new mentoring relationships.
Photo of Beth Hartmann Beth Hartmann: Time Management
October 12, 2016Beth Hartmann, senior lecturer in civil, construction and environmental engineering, presented a lunch and learn event on October 12, 2016 on time management. Beth discussed ways to evaluate the time spent each day on personal and professional activities, and then to how to make the most effective and efficient use of that time. She shared personal successes and struggles in managing her own schedule, and invited the group to share the ways they have found to effectively manage time. Beth shared the book “20 Minute Manager” as a resource for participants to take home.
colors workshop photo Colors with Martha Stewart and Jo Ann Lee
January 18, 2017
Margo Foreman: Career Advancement
March 21, 2017Margo Foreman, Director of Equal Opportunity at Iowa State, spoke to the Improve You group on March 21, 2017 about the advantages of e-portfolios and how they can help showcase a person’s work. She explained the limitations of the traditional ways of representing work, in resumes and cover letters, and introduced the group to online software that can enhance social media presence and increase networking opportunities. Margo shared a resource with the group called “Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration” by Meera Lee Patel, a book and a journal for guided reflection.
  Graduation Lunch
May 11, 2017Kate Gregory, Senior Vice President for University Services at Iowa State, spoke at the final event of the Improve You’s 2016-2017 programming year, the graduation lunch. She talked to the group at the M-Shop of the Memorial Union about leadership, and about how important for teams to have fun while earning trust and respect. The resource for the event was Team of Rivals, which is about U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s ability to create a team that was able to do great work. Kate talked about her experiences with teams over her illustrious career in the Navy, including examples of how she strives to get everyone’s points of view, to have transparency and clarity of the leadership goals, and to set and live an example of integrity.