Photo of Sadie Johnson and Kristin Clemens
Sadie Johnson and Kristin Clemens

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the mentoring process, common goals and expectations, focus, mutual trust, and respect.

Ice Breaker - Fall 2014
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Both the mentor and the mentee give and grow in the mentoring process.  You, the mentee, can learn valuable knowledge from the mentor’s expertise and past experiences.  You can also increase your competencies in specific areas or establish valuable connections with higher level employees.



  • Increased efficiencies and productivity
  • Career and leadership development opportunities
  • Increased generational awareness
  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
  • Expanded networks and awareness of diversity and inclusivity issues
  • Increased awareness of, and access to, organizational resources and resource people
  • Development of strengths and professional potential
  • Assistance in developing and communicating new ideas

Mentee Expectations


  • Commit to self development
  • Assume responsibility for acquiring or improving skills and knowledge
  • Discuss individual development planning with their mentor
  • Be open and honest on their goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns
  • Actively listen and ask questions
  • Seek advice, opinion, feedback, and direction from their mentor
  • Ask for and be open to constructive criticism/feedback
  • Respect their mentor’s time and resources
  • Stay accessible, committed, and engaged during the length of the program
  • Comfortably able to give feedback to their mentor on what is working or not working in the mentoring relationship