Completed Projects

Wind Energy Initiative

Completed Research Projects

Hexcrete Tower for Harvesting Wind Energy at Taller Hub Heights

Partners: Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology; BergerABAM, Inc.; Coreslab Structures (OMAHA), Inc.; Iowa Energy Center; Lafarge North America; National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Project Website:

Hexcrete Tower for Harvesting Wind Energy at Taller Hub Heights


Reduce blade manufacturing cost and increase reliability in automation of fabric layup

Partners: Sandia National Laboratory, TPI Composites, Inc.

Sample Projects:

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Wind turbine blades

Fabric Manipulation and Automation for Wind Blade Manufacturing

Investigating Ply Orientation Uncertainty on Wind Turbine Blade Performance


Examining fiberglass blade during construction and operation

Partners: Heartland Energy Solutions (IA), University of Potsdam

Sample Project:

A Sensing Skin for Structural Health Monitoring of Blades


Model and measure turbine-crop and turbine-turbine interactions in an operating utility-scale wind farm

Partner: University of Colorado

Sample Projects:

A New Model for Wind Farm Layout Optimization with Landowner Decisions

Wind Farm Development: Findings on Compay-Landowner Interaction


Quantifications of the aerodynamics of a wind turbine in atmospheric boundary layer winds

Sponsors: National Science Foundation, IAWIND

Sample Project:

Constructing Low-Dimensional Stochastic Wind Models from Meteorology Data


Investigate wake interference of multiple wind turbines over complex terrains

Sponsors: National Science Foundation, IAWIND

Sample Project:

An Experimental Study of the Interferences of Multiple Wind Turbines Over Complex Terrain


Develop low-cost carbon fiber derived from biorenewable feedstock to be used in composites for turbine blades

Partners: Siemens Corporation, IAWIND

Sample Project:

Low Cost Biorenewable Carbon Fibers for Wind Turbine Blade Applications


Electromechanical energy conversion and grid integration: Electric machines, control, electricity markets, and transmission

Partners: MISO, NREL, MidAmerican Energy Company

Sample Projects:

Health Monitoring of Wind Energy Infrastructure Using Wireless Smart Sensors

Assessing Storage for Ancillary Service Provision Under High Penetration of Variable Generation

Designing High Capacity National Transmission Overlay and Assessing their Benefits under High Renewable Growth Scenario