He, Ping

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Ping He



Assistant Professor


2243 Howe
537 Bissell Rd
Ames, IA 50011-1096




Ph.D. Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012

B.S. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Sichuan University, 2007


Interest Areas:

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO)

  • Modular high-fidelity MDO framework development
  • Effective adjoint algorithm development
  • Aero-thermal-structural optimization for aircraft and turbomachinery

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Exploring efficient unsteady flow simulation algorithms
  • DNS and LES of small-scale turbulence
  • Massively parallel computing for CFD

Machine Learning


Selected Publications:

  1. He, P., Mader, C.A., Martins, J.R.R.A., Maki, K.J. (2020). “DAFoam: An open source adjoint framework for multidisciplinary design optimization with OpenFOAM”. AIAA Journal, 58, pp. 1304-1319.
  2. He, P., Mader, C.A., Martins, J.R.R.A., Maki, K.J. (2019). “Aerothermal optimization of a ribbed U bend cooling channel using the adjoint method”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 140, pp. 152-172.
  3. Kenway, G.K.W., Mader, C.A., He, P., Martins, J.R.R.A. (2019). “Effective adjoint approaches for computational fluid dynamics”. Progress in Aerospace Sciences, 110, p. 100542.
  4. He, P., Filip, G.P., Maki, K.J., Martins, J.R.R.A. (2019). “Design optimization for self-propulsion of a bulk carrier hull using a discrete adjoint method”. Computers & Fluids, 192, p. 104259.
  5. He, P., Mader, C.A., Martins, J.R.R.A., Maki, K.J. (2018). “An aerodynamic design optimization framework using a discrete adjoint approach with OpenFOAM”. Computers & Fluids, 168, pp. 285-303.
  6. He, P., Basu, S. (2016). “Extending a surface-layer C 2 n model for strongly stratified conditions utilizing a numerically-generated turbulence dataset”. Optics Express, 24, pp. 9574-9582.
  7. He, P. (2016). “A high order finite difference solver for massively parallel simulations of stably stratified turbulent channel flows”. Computers & Fluids, 127, pp. 161-173.
  8. He, P., Basu, S. (2015). “Development of similarity relationships for energy dissipation rate and temperature structure parameter in stably stratified flows: a direct numerical simulation approach”. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 16, pp. 373-399.
  9. He, P., Sun, Z.G., Guo, B.T., Tan, C.Q. (2013). “Aerothermal investigation of backface clearance flow in deeply scalloped radial turbines”. Journal of Turbomachinery, 135, p. 021002.
  10. He, P., Sun, Z.G., Zhang, H.L., Chen, H.S., Tan, C.Q. (2012). “Investigation of clearance flows in deeply scalloped radial turbines”. IMechE., Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 226, pp. 951-962.





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