Blakely, Benjamin

Benjamin Blakely image Assistant Teaching Professor [E CPE]
Faculty | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Cyber Security Machine Learning Psychology of Risk

Fleming, Cody

Cody Fleming image

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Autonomy and planning Aviation Dynamics and Control Machine Learning Safety by design System integration System safety Transportation

He, Ping

Ping He image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering College of Engineering | Aerodynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics Heat Transfer High Performance Computing Machine Learning multidisciplinary design optimization Turbulence modeling

Sheidaei, Azadeh

Azadeh Sheidaei image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | Biomechanics of hierarchically-structured biomaterials (enamel and bone) Computational biomechanics Computational Mechanics Machine Learning Materials Characterization Metamaterials Nanocomposites Optimization Soft matter Structure-property relationships

Xiong, Liming

Liming Xiong image

Associate Professor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | 3D printing Computational Materials Science Computational Mechanics Dislocation Fracture Interfacial Engineering Machine Learning Materials Characterization Materials under Extreme Environments multiscale modeling of materials Nanomaterials Phase Transformation Structure-property relationships Thermal Transport Transport phenomena