Wang, Cheng

Cheng Wang image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering | Algorithms and Acceleration Techniques Computational intelligence Computer architecture Fault Tolerant and Dependable Computing Machine Learning Nanotechnology Reconfigurable Hardware Semiconductor

An, Qi

Qi An image Associate Professor [M S E]

Associate Professor,
Materials Sciences and Engineering

Faculty | College of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | Computational Materials Science Electronic Materials Machine Learning Materials under Extreme Environments Structure-property relationships Surfaces and interfaces

Chowdhury, Ratul

Ratul Chowdhury image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Channel proteins Computational modeling Deep learning Enzymes Machine Learning Protein Engineering

GS, Sidharth

Sidharth GS image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | Computational Fluid Dynamics Fluid mechanics Machine Learning Numerical methods

Blakely, Benjamin

Benjamin Blakely image Assistant Teaching Professor [E CPE]
Faculty | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Cyber Security Machine Learning Psychology of Risk

Fleming, Cody

Cody Fleming image

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Autonomy and planning Aviation Dynamics and Control Machine Learning Safety by design System integration System safety Transportation

He, Ping

Ping He image

Assistant Professor
Michael and Denise Mack 2050 Challenge Scholar

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering College of Engineering | Aerodynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics Heat Transfer High Performance Computing Machine Learning multidisciplinary design optimization Turbulence modeling

Jannesari, Ali

Ali Jannesari image

Assistant Professor (Courtesy ComS)

Faculty | College of Engineering Computer Science ECpE Courtesy Appointments Electrical and Computer Engineering SE Faculty Software Engineering | High Performance Computing Machine Learning Software Engineering

Sheidaei, Azadeh

Azadeh Sheidaei image

Assistant Professor

Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | Biomechanics of hierarchically-structured biomaterials (enamel and bone) Computational biomechanics Computational Mechanics Machine Learning Materials Characterization Metamaterials Nanocomposites Optimization Soft matter Structure-property relationships

Xiong, Liming

Liming Xiong image

Affiliate Associate Professor

Faculty | AERE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Faculty Aerospace Engineering | 3D printing Additive Manufacturing Biomaterials Computational Materials Science Computational Mechanics Dislocation Fracture Interfacial Engineering Machine Learning Materials Characterization Materials under Extreme Environments multiscale modeling of materials Nanomaterials Structure-property relationships