Avci, Onur

Onur Avci image Research Assistant Professor [CCE E]

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

External Faculty | CCEE Faculty Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering Engineering Administration | Adaptive Structures Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Applications in Engineering Dynamics and Control Metamaterials Mitigation of Structural Vibrations Optimization Smart Infrastructure Smart materials Structural Engineering Structural Health Monitoring

Fleming, Cody

Cody Fleming image

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

External Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Autonomy and planning Aviation Dynamics and Control Machine Learning Safety by design System integration System safety Transportation

Abdelkhalik, Ossama

Ossama Abdelkhalik image

Associate Professor

External Faculty | AERE Professors Aerospace Engineering | Dynamics and Control Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Optimization Orbital Mechanics Trajectory Optimization

Tesfatsion, Leigh

Leigh Tesfatsion image

Research Professor of Economics
Professor Emerita of Economics
Courtesy Research Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Emeritus External Faculty | Economics Economics - LAS ECpE Courtesy Appointments Electrical and Computer Engineering | Computational modeling Dynamics and Control Economic risk management Electric energy markets Electric Power Distribution Systems Electric Power System Planning