Women of Color in Engineering

The Women of Color in Engineering program focuses on the academic, professional, and social success and retention of women of color pursuing undergraduate engineering degrees.

  • Purpose:

    • To foster a greater sense of connection and belonging among women engineering students through opportunities of engagement with students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, staff, and industry professionals.
  • Outcomes:

    • Students will develop a stronger sense of self and purpose.
    • Students will build and strengthen their academic, professional, and social network.
    • Students will have a greater understanding of opportunities and resources available to them as women in engineering.
  • Topics:

    • Navigating an undergraduate and graduate degree as a woman of color.
    • Being the only woman of color in a space.
    • Being your authentic self.
    • Career opportunities beyond the degree.
    • Overcoming imposter syndrome.



APEX for Engineers (APEXE)
8-Week Academic and Transition Program

LEAD Learning Community Activities

Study Tables
2nd Floor Marston Hall (North Study Space)
6-8pm Sunday thru Thursday
*facilitated by peer mentors and student organizations

LEAD Learning Community Seminar
Fridays, Fall 2020

Fridays, Spring 2021