Women of Color in Engineering

Women of Color in Engineering

The Women of Color in Engineering program focuses on the academic, professional, and social success and retention of women of color pursuing undergraduate engineering degrees.


To foster a greater sense of connection and belonging among women engineering students through opportunities of engagement with students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, staff, and industry professionals.


  • Students will develop a stronger sense of self and purpose.
  • Students will build and strengthen their academic, professional, and social network.
  • Students will have a greater understanding of opportunities and resources available to them as women in engineering.


  • Navigating an undergraduate and graduate degree as a woman of color.
  • Being the only woman of color in a space.
  • Being your authentic self.
  • Career opportunities beyond the degree.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome.



APEX for Engineers

New 8-Week Academic and Transition Program

LEAD Learning Community Activities

Study Tables
2102 Student Innovation Center
6-9pm Sunday through Thursday
*facilitated by peer mentors and student organizations

LEAD Learning Community Seminar
Fridays, Fall 2022

Fridays, Spring 2023

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