LEAD-Boeing Mentorship Program

Program Overview

The LEAD-Boeing Mentorship Program is a year-long collaboration pairing multicultural women-identifying College of Engineering scholars with Boeing industry professionals who provide academic, professional, and sociocultural guidance. Through collaborative meetings, events, activities, and discussions participants will gain valuable insights about navigating higher education, career path opportunities, strategies for overcoming challenges and barriers, and developing and succeeding as engineers.

Program Goals

  • Foster an inclusive and collaborative community that cultivates the academic, professional, and sociocultural learning and growth of multicultural women scholars in the College of Engineering..
  • Promote the retention, engagement, and success of multicultural women scholars in the College of Engineering.
  • Increase the representation of multicultural women in engineering.

Boeing Vision & Mission

Vision – Enable, support, and strengthen a diverse student engineering talent pipeline.
Mission – Support students’ personal and professional development and engage our employees as Boeing talent ambassadors.

How to Join?

The LEAD-Boeing Program is selective, and spots are limited each academic year. The expected time commitment is eight hours monthly, including meetings with Boeing mentors, group sessions, and additional LEAD program events and development activities.

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