LEAD Learning Communities

LEAD learning community

First-Year and Transfer Learning Community 

The LEAD Living and Learning Community is designed to support first-year and transfer students in the College of Engineering in their transition to Iowa State University. Learning community participants take orientation courses together (ENGR 104 and ENGR 105), often enroll in one or more other courses together, have the opportunity to live on the same residence hall floor, and develop a strong academic, professional, and social support network.

If you are interested in living and taking classes with other first-year and transfer engineering students, exploring engineering disciplines, having mentors who provide a supportive academic environment, and participating in a variety of out-of-class professional and social experiences that help you become better connected to students, faculty, and staff, the LEAD Living and Learning Community is for you.

Are you interested in joining? Contact Dr. LeQuetia Ancar via phone at 515-294-0690 or email at lancar@iastate.edu.

Second-Year and Beyond Learning Community 

The Second-Year LEAD Learning Community aims to continue fostering the academic, professional, and sociocultural growth and success of engineering scholars in their second year of study and beyond. A primary component of this learning community experience is ENGR 490L, which centers on exploring, discussing, and enhancing participants’ understanding of issues at the intersections of engineering, leadership, and social transformation. Through this learning community course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and develop critical thinking skills, self-reflection skills, discussion skills, community relationships, and support networks.
  • Examine and evaluate leadership theories and approaches and their significance to engineering and social transformation.
  • Investigate, evaluate, and apply socially transformative principles and concepts to analyses of engineering and leadership.
  • Analyze and identify systemic oppression, personal prejudice, their impact on marginalized communities, and the contributions of people belonging to these communities to engineering and leadership.

Are you interested in joining? Contact Dr. Brandon Clark via phone at 515-294-5493 or email at brclark@iastate.edu.

What are the benefits of joining a learning community?

Students who participate in LCs have a higher graduation rate (than non-participants) and are more satisfied with many aspects of their academic experience, including their overall experience at ISU.

Also, LC students have reported greater satisfaction with their opportunities to interact closely with faculty, participate in study groups, apply their learning to real world problems, and work with other students.

What do students have to say? 

“LEAD has set a structured schedule for us to do the things that we would not normally think of doing. For instance, going out to have a conversation and a cup of coffee with a professor in our major.”
-Alma, Chemical Engineering

“LEAD has helped me academically by giving me a stable place to study at in Marston. LEAD has also introduced me to guest speakers as well as resources here on campus which have helped me learn proper study habits, places to study on campus, etc. Socially, LEAD has helped me by introducing me to multiple multicultural students who have become my friends.”
-Deon, Construction Engineering

“LEAD has definitely helped me in all aspects of my college transition. Being part of the LEAD learning community has helped me make connections with peers that you just don’t get in a regular class.”
-Justin, Chemical Engineering

“LEAD has helped me learn about many opportunities available on campus as well as allowed me to increase my social network exponentially. In addition, I feel my professional communication has improved.”

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