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Writing the Script

Doug Jacobson’s leadership in cyber security research and education began before high-speed internet, smartphones and Google. It even predates the term “cyber security” itself. Jacobson, Stanley Chair in Interdisciplinary Engineering, University Professor of electrical and computer engineering, and director of the Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and Outreach, was one of the few who saw “information … Continue reading Writing the Script

Deon Ploessel and Zengyi Shao

Powerhouse of the cell, key to new treatments: Mitochondrial DNA manipulation offers insights into related diseases

If you remember just one thing from high-school biology, it’s that the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. But could mitochondria also hold the key to gene therapy and new tailored drug development for diseases and disorders? Zengyi Shao, Vernon Guse Faculty Fellow and associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, and her team … Continue reading Powerhouse of the cell, key to new treatments: Mitochondrial DNA manipulation offers insights into related diseases

Hongwei Zhang

Wireless Living Lab: At-scale, real-world broadband testbed for connected rural communities

Iowa State is building a wireless “living lab” in central Iowa, laying the foundation for more affordable rural broadband service. The project will create a research testbed for a wide range of wireless technologies across Iowa State’s campus, the city of Ames and surrounding farms and rural communities in central Iowa – with an application … Continue reading Wireless Living Lab: At-scale, real-world broadband testbed for connected rural communities

Zhaoyu Wang

Tapping smart meters’ potential for grid resilience

Problem:  Enhanced electric grid monitoring is needed to promote renewable integration while ensuring reliability, but current approaches rely on expensive sensors. Smart meters that electric utilities are already using for billing have potential, but without new computing innovations, smart meters only can provide limited insights into grid performance. Project:  Wang will unlock the potential of … Continue reading Tapping smart meters’ potential for grid resilience

Nigel Reuel

Biomanufacturing better treatments

Problem:  Therapeutic cells show promise as a new treatment option for chronic illness, but advances must be made in manufacturing reproducibility to get therapeutic cells out of clinical trials and into widespread use. Project:  Reuel will develop novel, real-time sensors and reinforcement learned (RL), dynamic control policies to improve reproducibility in large-scale manufacturing of differentiated, … Continue reading Biomanufacturing better treatments

Kevin Scheibe

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Kevin Scheibe is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems. He has been at Iowa State University in the Supply Chain & Information Systems department since 2003. His research interests include supply chain risk, supply chain information systems, spatial decision support systems, and business analytics. His current research projects … Continue reading Kevin Scheibe

Adina Howe

Dept: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Our research program focuses on identifying specific drivers and mechanisms of productive performance.  We apply statistical and analytical methods to study the health, stability, and productivity of microbial players in environmental systems.  More specifically, our research goals are: Identifying microbial drivers of global change Detection of biological indicators of environmental … Continue reading Adina Howe

Anuj Sharma

Dept: Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Keywords: Transportation decision making, big data analytics, connected and automated vehicles, urban analytics, smart communities, deep learning Dr. Sharma is an associate professor in the Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Department at Iowa State University. He also holds a joint appointment as a Research Scientist with the Institute of … Continue reading Anuj Sharma

Drew Zhang

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, search engines I am a computer scientist working in the technical domain of information systems. The aspiration of my research is to conquer the “information overload” problem, and the key technical challenge is to extract knowledge from unstructured data … Continue reading Drew Zhang

Ivy Yuan

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Non-rational, subconscious processes, neurophysiology, social media, electronic commerce My research interest is the impact of non-rational cognition on individuals’ communication, behavior, and decision making in computer mediated environments. My research has focused on how non-rational cognition has influenced these behaviors. The methodologies I have applied in my current … Continue reading Ivy Yuan

Sree Nilakanta

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Analytics, dimensionality reduction, metadata, innovation diffusion, health technology My current research focus is issues related to big data analytics. Specifically, the areas of descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics are where I have directed my attention. This includes data visualization, data quality and metadata analysis, and dimensionality reduction. In … Continue reading Sree Nilakanta

Yoshinori Suzuki

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Transportation, trucking industry, vehicle routing problem I view myself as a transportation specialist, as I have focused on conducting research only in the transportation industry, especially in the trucking industry, throughout my career.  Two of my recent research areas (problems addressed) are described below. The first is the … Continue reading Yoshinori Suzuki

Chinmay Hegde

Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering Keywords: Algorithms, big data analytics, machine learning, imaging, optimization. My research involves developing new methods for massive data acquisition and analysis at the algorithmic level. Specifically, I am interested in design and analysis of algorithms for acquiring, storing, and extracting actionable information from massive datasets. My algorithmic work spans optimization, statistics, and machine learning. From a … Continue reading Chinmay Hegde

In-Ho Cho

Dept: Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Current Collaborators: Statistics faculty Jae-Kwang Kim and Raymond Wong for the below research topics: First topic focuses on advanced statistical learning and prediction of complex real-world responses, notably tackling a large number of variables and their interactions. The key enabling factor is the harmonious combination of advanced statistical theory and parallel computing … Continue reading In-Ho Cho

Lizhi Wang

Dept: Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Keywords: Optimization, energy, transportation, manufacturing, quantitative genetics Dr. Wang’s research interest is optimization and its applications. On the methodology side, I design new algorithms for complex, large scale optimization problems for decision making under uncertainty. On the application side, I have worked on power systems, transportation network resiliency assessment … Continue reading Lizhi Wang

Adarsh Krishnamurthy

Dept: Mechanical Engineering Keywords: Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, GPU and Parallel Computing, Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation Dr. Krishnamurthy has been working on developing new tools that can accelerate modeling and simulations. The overarching goal of his research is the advancement of the state of the art in design and translational medicine with the help … Continue reading Adarsh Krishnamurthy

Guiping Hu

Dept: Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Keywords: Keywords: operations research, supply chain design, data-driven decision making, energy production, sustainability. Dr. Hu’s research interests lie in operations research and mathematical decision support system design. Her recent projects have focused on supply chain design and operational planning, data-driven real time decision making under uncertainty, renewable energy production … Continue reading Guiping Hu

Mingyi Hong

Dept: Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Keywords: Optimization, large-scale computation, resource allocation, text analysis, deep learning. We live in an era of data explosion. The rapid advances in sensor, communication and storage technologies has made data acquisition more ubiquitous than at any time in the past. It is estimated that the digital information to be … Continue reading Mingyi Hong

Toyin Clottey

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Closed-loop supply chains, Reverse logistics, Supply forecasting, Empirical research methods, Value of information sharing Research Interests My research thus far has focused on two areas: 1) supply management for reusable products and 2)survey research methods for supply chain management. Both of these areas are critical insupply chain management research. … Continue reading Toyin Clottey

Haozhe Chen

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Empirical behavioral research, reverse logistics, returns management, relationship management, supply chain I am interested in many aspects of supply chain management from a managerial perspective such as supply chain integration and collaboration, buyer-seller relationships, third-party logistics (3PL) relationships, etc. However, one area that is especially attractive to me … Continue reading Haozhe Chen

Johanna Amaya

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems Keywords: Disaster response logistics, response operations and policy recommendations, mathematical programming, impacts of freight polices, survey design and analysis of panel data Ms. Amaya is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems in the College of Business. She received her B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering … Continue reading Johanna Amaya