Center for Building Energy Research

The Center for Building Energy Research (CBER) focuses on efficient and renewable energy technology issues related to buildings.  Center research activities include developing new technologies and improving existing technologies to reduce energy consumption while maintaining performance and productivity.  Endeavors to reduce energy consumption include improving the efficiency of HVAC systems and industrial processes, improving indoor air quality, enhancing productivity while reducing waste, implementing alternative energy sources, and promoting green building technology in building designs.  The center also provides opportunities for technical and continuing education.

CBER serves as a resource for undergraduate and graduate students, building operators and others involved in building energy technology and issues.  The center emphasizes interdisciplinary research, involving the efforts of not only engineers but also researchers in fields such as architecture, agriculture, geological and atmospheric sciences, and business.  The center also works with industry and government agencies to develop energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, processes and equipment.  Many of the CBER’s research efforts focus on solving problems affecting people living in Iowa and the Midwest, helping to reduce energy usage and improve air quality.

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