Anwesha Sarkar


Assistant Professor


3131 Coover Hall,
2520 Osborn Dr.,
Ames, IA 50011
Nanovaccine Institute


Education Postdoctoral Research Associate, Iowa State University (2020) PhD, Physics, Wayne State University (2015) MPhil, Physics, Institute of Physics, India (2011) MSc, Physics, IIT Madras, India (2010) BSc, Physics, ST. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India (2008)

Research Areas Core Area(s): Single molecule Biophysics, Atomic Force Microscopy, Protein-protein interactions, Biosensors

Department’s Strategic Area(s): Bioengineering

Lab website:


Google Scholar Profile:

  • Cutshaw, G., Hassan, N., Uthaman, S., Wen, X., Singh, B., Sarkar, A., & Bardhan, R. (2023). Monitoring Metabolic Changes in Response to Chemotherapies in Cancer with Raman Spectroscopy and Metabolomics. Analytical Chemistry.
  • Rade, J., Zhang, J., Sarkar, S., Krishnamurthy, A., Ren, J., & Sarkar, A. (2022). Deep Learning for Live Cell Shape Detection and Automated AFM Navigation. Bioengineering, 9(10), 522.
  • Waite, J. R., Tan, S. Y., Saha, H., Sarkar, S., & Sarkar, A. (accepted in 2022 and published in January 2023). Few-shot deeplearning for AFM force curve characterization of single-molecule interactions. Patterns, 4(1).
  • Sarkar, A. (December 2021). Biosensing, characterization of biosensors, and improved drug delivery approaches using Atomic Force Microscopy: A review. Frontiers in Nanotechnology
  • Sarkar, A*., Mao, S.*, Wang, Y., Song, C., LeVine, D., Wang, X., and Que, L. (2021). Microfluidic chip grafted with integrin tension sensors for evaluating the effects of flowing shear force and ROCK inhibitor on platelets. Lab on a chip, (* made equal contribution and they share the first authorship)
  • A. Sarkar, D. LeVine, N. Kuzmina, Y. Zhao, X. Wang, Cell migration driven by self-generated integrin ligand gradient on ligand-labile surfaces, Current Biology, 2020
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