Gross, Martin

Martin Gross image

Assistant Teaching Professor

Faculty | College of Engineering Economics ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering | Biorenewables Entrepreneurial Product Development Photobioreactors Sustainable Water Reuse and Treatment Water resources

Tessonnier, Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Tessonnier image

Professor, Richard C. Seagrave Professor

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioprivileged Chemicals Biorenewables Catalysis Electrosynthesis Hybrid Manufacturing

Roling, Luke

Luke Roling image

Assistant Professor, Jack R. and Carol A. Johnson Faculty Fellow in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biorenewables Computational Materials Science Electrocatalysis Heterogeneous catalysis Nanomaterials Nanoparticles Surfaces and interfaces

Jiang, Shan

Shan Jiang image

Associate Professor,
Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty | IMSE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Appointments Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Materials Science and Engineering MSE Faculty | 3D printing Additive Manufacturing Biobased Materials Biomaterials Biorenewables Coating Materials Drug Delivery Engineering education Nanomaterials Soft matter

Brown, Robert

Robert Brown image

Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering
Gary and Donna Hoover Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering (Courtesy)
Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (Courtesy)
Director, Bioeconomy Institute

Faculty | ABE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Faculty Bioeconomy Institute CBE Courtesy Appointments ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biobased products Bioenergy Biofuels Biorenewables Environmental Sustainability

Koziel, Jacek

Jacek Koziel image Professor Emeritus [A B E]

Professor Emeritus
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (courtesy)
Food Science and Human Nutrition (courtesy)
Environmental Science

Emeritus Faculty | ABE Emeritus Faculty Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering | Advanced oxidation Air Pollution Control Biochar Biorenewables Carcass disposal Disease detection Ethanol Manure Odor Photocatalysis

Li, Wenzhen

Wenzhen Li image

Professor, Herbert L. Stiles Faculty Fellow

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Advanced materials Biorenewables Electrocatalysis Electrochemical energy Electrochemical systems Reaction engineering

Bai, Xianglan

Xianglan Bai image

Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | CBE Courtesy Appointments ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biobased Materials Bioenergy Biofuels Biorenewables Carbon fibers Energy conversion Energy Efficiency Environmental Sustainability Materials Processing Mechanical Properties of Materials

Shao, Zengyi

Zengyi Shao image

Associate Professor, Hershel B. Whitney Professor, Global Initiatives

Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Biochemical Engineering Bioenergy Biomedical Engineering Biorenewables Genetic engineering Genome engineering Metabolic Engineering Strain development Synthetic biology

Baughman, Jacqulyn

Jacqulyn Baughman image

Associate Teaching Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Biorenewables Dynamics of Teamwork Flipped classroom Lean Product and Process Development Engineering Management Manufacturing and Design Engineering Marketing Multidisciplinary teams Organizational Behavior Product Development and Management Project Management Quality Six Sigma Statistical Process Control Statistics Strategic Leadership Student Professional Development Supply chain management