2017 Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow is made up of dedicated students and advisers from the five core clubs. It is broken down into four committees. Each committee is responsible for a part of the conference. Further detail is given below, along with who leads each committee and their contact information.



Programming has put together an exciting line up of conference sessions and key speakers. The individuals leading the sessions are made up of distinguished faculty, strong student leaders, and company professionals. You will walk away from each session bringing with you a new idea or way of thinking that will change your world. If you haven’t already, check out the conference schedule under the “Conference Schedule Tab”, and the “Sessions” tab.


Megan Peters

Megan is the Co-Head of Programming for the Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow Conference. On campus, she has been involved in the Women in Science and Engineering Program as an ambassador and peer mentor and a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Also, she is currently president of the Society of Women Engineers organization on campus. As a member of the programming team, she coordinates presenters and registration logistics. She hopes that the students learn to embrace some of the lessons for on-campus leadership and beyond. She also hope that other student organizations are inspired to be a part of the planning committee for these conferences in years to come. Enjoy your experience!


Olivia Carrasco

Olivia is a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in business.  She is very active on Iowa State’s campus from being a Community Advisor, Mechanical Engineering Peer mentor, Being on Engineering Student Council, Emerging Leaders in Engineering, National Residence Hall Honorary, and being an active sorority member.  She strives to try and improve the lives of everyone here on Iowa State’s campus.  After graduation, she hopes to go on and pursue her MBA and then eventually work for Vermeer Cooperation on the Global side of things.



Fundraising has been recruiting only the finest companies to sponsor this new initiative. Each company sponsoring is not only getting great publicity for their brand but is making an investment in Iowa State engineering students. Take a look at the Fundraising Heads and their background below.


Dan Frese

Dan is a senior studying Management Information Systems with a focus on cyber security. He is the current VP of Recruitment for Triangle Fraternity, has been a former president for Eaton Jones House, former Treasurer for the Information Assurance Student Group, and former Recruitment Chair for Triangle Fraternity. He is responsible for soliciting fundraising from corporate entities and coordinating the allocation of funds to the conference. He hopes that ELT will help in cultivating the mentality of a leader in student’s personal, academic, and professional lives.  When you see him around campus, stop and say hi!


Matthew Maschmann











Matthew is a Junior double majoring in Agricultural Systems Technology and Industrial Technology , with a minor in Agronomy. He is currently the President of Triangle Fraternity and is a peer mentor for the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department. He is one of the chair heads for the financing committee within ELT. He is responsible for budgeting for the conference, sending out sponsorship request and being a corporate contact for ELT. He hopes that the conference gives students the confidence to take up leadership roles and step out of their comfort zones.



The Logistics Committee has been coordinating with all of the other committees, joining all of the ideas and making the Leadership Team act as one cohesive unit. They have also been coordinating with the Conference Planning and Management to provide the best meals and venue in Ames. Check out what else Amber has done at Iowa State, below.


Amber Tieman 


Amber is a senior in Chemical Engineering Graduating in December 2017. She has been president for Alpha Sigma Kappa and Director of Fundraising for Society of Women Engineers. Currently, she serves as ELT’s Logistics Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating with all the committees to determine what needs to be completed to have a successful conference. She is hopeful that the conference will allow her fellow students to gain an ability to represent Iowa State as leaders for their future companies and show what Cyclones can accomplish as leaders in their communities. If you see her around campus come say hi and ask her how you can become the best Cyclone leader you can be!




If you are a student and have heard about us, then you probably interacted with the Marketing Committee. They are in charge of getting the word out about the conference, and communicating its many benefits to ISU students.


Joshua Bump

Joshua is a sophomore in Computer Engineering. He is an electrical team member of the PrISUm Solar Car Team. He has also been involved in Eaton Hall Council serving as the treasurer and has been involved in outreach for Engineering Student Council. He is one of the two heads of marketing for Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow. He is responsible for updating social media pages, designing of giveaways for the event, and getting ELT signed up for events in order to advertise our event to students. He hopes that this conference will be a way for students to be exposed to types of leadership groups on campus and prepare them with skills that they may need during college or after graduation in the work place. If you see him around and want more information about the event, just ask him.
Tom Alleven
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Tom is a senior in chemical engineering, with a minor in bio-medical engineering. He is a current community adviser and has been a past president for Emerging Leaders in Engineering.  He is one of the chair heads for the marketing committee within ELT. He is responsible for the ELT website, club relations, and all public marketing. He hopes that the conference will provide a suitable avenue for ISU engineering students to become confident in their personal and professional leadership styles.  When you see him around campus, stop and say hi!
The club advisers have been an integral piece to the Leadership team. They have provided insightful guidance in planning this conference. They are all distinguished professionals in their field at Iowa State.  Read more about each Iowa State Faculty member below.
Holly Dunlay-Lott
Holly Dunlay-Lott is the Association Classification Officer and Honors Liaison for The College of Engineering.  She is also the co-adviser for Emerging Leaders in Engineering and has been a co-leader on a short-term study abroad program to Australia. In addition to these roles, Holly sits on many college and university committees.  Holly’s ELT role includes guiding the group, being a soundboard for the executive team and assisting the students with connecting with the appropriate people on campus to assist with the conference.  She hopes that students walk away with a better understanding of themselves and the tools to be successful leaders in every facet of their lives.  We hope to see you at the conference and if you are in 1300 Marston, stop in and say hi!
Dr. Ian Schneider
Dr. Schneider is currently an Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the adviser to Triangle Fraternity. He is a member of several committees and organizations at ISU including the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department curriculum committee, the College of Engineering curriculum committee and the Faculty Senate. He has been advising the student organizers of the ELT conference over the past several months. He hopes the conference demonstrates to students that leaders can have vastly different personality traits and that leaders should strive properly appreciate diversity in viewpoint. Dr. Schneider loves interacting with students and building close relationships with them as they grow both professionally and personally and looks forward to seeing the fruits of the conference.
Dr. Joel Johnson

Dr. Johnson’s formal education includes an Associate Arts degree from South Eastern Community College in Burlington, Iowa; a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Secondary Education and a Master’s of Science degree in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University; Macomb, Illinois.  Dr. Johnson completed a Ph.D. within Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Iowa State University, with an emphasis on Community College Leadership in 2013. Research interests include understanding factors that influence student vocational decisions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields for both community college and college/university settings.  Additional research interests include factors influencing student success and retention for first and second year students; and student leadership/professional competency development.

Professional work experience includes 21 years working with student success and retention initiatives.  This includes the past 9 years as the Director of Engineering Student Services at Iowa State University. In this role, he provides oversight for the college’s undergraduate and graduate recruitment efforts and student services/retention programs.  In addition, Dr. Johnson serves as an advisor for several student organizations within the engineering college, supervises the Advanced Manufacturing Systems Lab, and instructs a course within the colleges Leadership Certificate/Minor.  Finally, Dr. Johnson maintains a term graduate faculty appointment within the School of Education at ISU, serving on Ph.D. Program of Studies committees for multiple students within the College of Education.


Katherine Friesen

Katherine is an instructor and graduate assistant for the College of Engineering and Leadership Studies Program. Her role is to provide leadership development opportunities for students in the College of Engineering. In addition to enrolling students in the minor and certificate program, she teaches the engineering leadership courses: ENGR 150, “Foundations in Leadership Learning and Development,” ENGR 155, “Leadership in Engineering Student Organizations,” and ENGR 250, “Leadership in Engineering Teams.” She advises the Emerging Leaders in Engineering student organization and Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow conference, and holds leadership development workshops for student organizations and various programs on campus. Her role with ELT is to provide direction for leadership development programming and conference planning logistics. She hopes students find the networking at the conference invaluable to the development of their efficacy as a leader and capacity to participate in the leadership process. We are excited to meet all of our engineering students and be part of their leadership development journey! Make sure to come say hey!