Capstone Department Contacts

Program coodinators are bolded.

Aerospace Engineering

Travis Grager, 515-294-4393

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Raj Raman, 515 294-0465
Michael Anderson, 515 294-2129

Chemical and Biological Engineering

T. J. Paskach, 515 294-7642
John Kaiser, 515-294-8575

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Charles Jahren, 515-294-3829
Beth Lin Hartmann, 515 294-8190

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Akhilesh Tyagi, 515-294-4396
Tom Daniels, 515-294-8375
ECpE Capstone website

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

David Sly, 515 296-3120
IMSE Capstone website

Materials Science and Engineering

Martha Selby, 515 294-0195
Dr. Rebecca Cademartiri, 515 294-3327
MSE Design Projects

Mechanical Engineering

Jim Heise, 515 294-3857
Jackie Baughman, 515 294-5523
Scott Merkle, 515 294-5575
Sebastien Feve, 515-294-0069
Owen Kolstad, 515-294-8982
ME Capstone website

Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)

Carey Novak, 515 294-1705
CIRAS Capstone website

If you are unsure of which department to contact or the type of projects that can be included, or have questions regarding the departmental programs, please contact Carey Novak of CIRAS at 515 294-1705 or