Capstone Design Overview

Welcome to the College of Engineering’s Capstone Design Program website. Capstone Design is the culmination of undergraduate students’ study in their chosen engineering discipline and is a required course. With private and industry sponsors participating through many of our departments, our students gain hands-on experience with projects that have real-world applications. We welcome individual and industry inquiries about this program as well as projects that match the discipline focus of our departments.

The following table shows the various departments and capstone courses that are involved in our Capstone Design Program:

Department Courses: (Courses in RED do not currently accept private or industry sponsored projects)
Engineering Department Course Numbers Course Title
Aerospace AerE 462
AerE 466
Design of Aerospace Systems
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*
Agricultural and Biosystems AE 415/416
TSM 415/416
Agricultural Engineering Design I/II
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*Technology Capstone I/II
Chemical and Biological ChE 430 Process and Plant Design
Civil, Construction, and Environmental CE 485
ConE 487/488
Civil Engineering Design 
Construction Engineering Design I/II
Electrical and Computer
ECpE Capstone website
CprE/EE 466
CprE/EE 491/492
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*
Senior Design Project I & Professionalism/Senior Design II
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems
IMSE Capstone website
IE 441
IE 466
Industrial Engineering Design
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*
Materials Science
MSE Design Projects
MatE 413/414
MatE 466
Materials Design and Professional Practice I/II**
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*
ME Capstone website
ME 415
ME 442
ME 466
ME 486
Machine Systems Design
Heating and Air Conditioning Design
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design*
Appropriate Technology Design
Courses with paired numbers (XXX/XXX) are year-long progression courses; all others are 1 semester in duration.
* Shared course between departments. Currently managed by E E and M E Departments
** Course offered fall/spring progression only.

Capstone Department Contacts

Program coordinators are bolded.

Aerospace Engineering

Travis Grager, 515-294-4393

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Raj Raman, 515-294-0465
Michael Anderson, 515-294-2129

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dennis Vigil, 515-296-2566
John Kaiser, 515-294-8575

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Matt Rouse, 515-294-6139
Renee Fleming, 515-294-2426

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Akhilesh Tyagi, 515-294-4396
ECpE Capstone website

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

David Sly, 515-296-3120
IMSE Capstone website

Materials Science and Engineering

Martha Selby, 515-294-0195
Dr. Rebecca Cademartiri, 515 294-3327
MSE Design Projects

Mechanical Engineering

Jim Heise, 515-294-3857
Jackie Baughman, 515-294-5523
Scott Merkle, 515-294-5575
Sebastien Feve, 515-294-0069
ME Capstone website

Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS)

Mayra Ramirez, 515-520-3101
CIRAS Capstone website

If you are unsure of which department to contact or the type of projects that can be included, or have questions regarding the departmental programs, please contact Mayra Ramirez of CIRAS at 515-520-3101 or