About Us

What is TEAM?

TEAM stands for The Engineering Ambassador and Mentor Program. Engineering students volunteer their time to organize campus tours and other events for potential students, visitors, and employers to showcase the College of Engineering and Iowa State University.

  • TEAM Constitution  – describes the rules and bylaws of TEAM
  • Tour Information – tour resources including our tour script, engineering majors/minors, and presentations by guests

Member Attendance Policy

It is very important that everyone attends our meetings since this is where we do our tour training, sign up for events, and get to know each other, therefore, members must attend every TEAM meeting unless you have:

  • class
  • an illness
  • an emergency

If you cannot attend for one of these reasons, you need to fill out the Meeting Absence form with a valid excuse (sick, test, etc. NOT study group, SI Session, “previous commitment”). This will excuse you from attending that meeting.

If the business manager is not contacted, you will receive an unexcused absence.

  • After one unexcused absence, you will be notified that you received an unexcused absence
  • After 3 unexcused absences, you will be removed from the TEAM roster